Herbal Medicine

Herbal treatment for a human problems

Dandelion roots for Cancer treatment

Dandelion roots- Herb which is 10 times effective than Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the foremost treatment given to a Cancer patient. But many of us don't know, that chemotherapy itself can cause dreadful diseases and can be costly in future references. Then what to do,...
cabbage juice for stomach ulcers

Treat Stomach Ulcers naturally with Cabbage Juice

There are many things around us, which are capable to cure even the deadliest disease. Today we will be talking about the similar thing which is cabbage juice for stomach ulcers. Many of us...
Juice for Asthma

Eliminate Asthma with this simple Juice of lemon and ginger

Asthma is a very common respiratory disorder seen among all age-groups; whether it is a kid, adult or an aged person. Today we will be telling you a very simple juice which will help...
Homemade drink for Stomach cramps

Prepare your own drink to relieve Stomach cramps and Gases

Do you know that, stomach is the most delicate internal organs of your body.It even holds the most harsh and concentrated acid called HCL or Hydrochloric acid. Many times you will notice, stomach cramps...