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Herbal treatment for a human problems

Herbal remedies to increase Eyesight naturally

Eyes; are the most precious organ of our body which enables us to see this beautiful world, to enjoy the beautiful colours of the nature and to make our life live. Just imagine the...

Ayurvedic remedies to treat Leucoderma

Skin diseases are not only the physical interruption of skin texture and glands; but also a kind of social stigma. Especially, the major ones which makes your look ugly and patchy. Today, we will...

Herbal Remedies to cure Hair lice naturally

You must have seen numerous insects, parasites, worms etc around your surroundings. Do you know, there are many host insects and parasites which lives inside and on your body too. They feed on your...
Naturally beautified skin

Herbal beauty remedies for different Skin types

What are Beauty Remedies? These are something which helps us to stay beautified and looking well. However, the prime source of every remedy is “Nature”. With the advancement of human technologies and brains; certain...