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Brief introduction of rhinitis and natural remedies

Every one of us has experienced a common cold and are prone to some allergies. Common cold and allergies sometimes lead to the runny nose which causes discomfort and we all...
home remedies for migraine

Causes of Migraine and its Home Remedies

Migraine can become very disturbing in our day to day life and it’s a common issue that we face very frequently. They can be immediately treated with medications but overuse of...
Home remedies for Hypertension

Home Remedies for Hypertension using herbs

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is one of the most common health issues nowadays. According to W.H.O–“An estimated 1.13 billion people worldwide have hypertension, most (two-thirds) living in low- and middle-income...
health benefits of guggul

Guggul: Varieties, Health benefits, Doses, and precautions

Guggul: A red-listed herbGuggul is an oleo-gum-resin extracted from Commiphora wightii (Guggul). It is called Commiphora Mukul. Guggul is a well-known herb whose resin has been used...