How to get rid of hiccups naturally

how to get rid of hiccups naturally

A hiccup occurs when there is a contraction of muscles in the diaphragm. We suck air through the vocal curd, during contraction. That produces a hiccup sound. Hiccups are something sudden that you can’t control at once. Most of us are having hiccups. Sometimes it carries for a moment and sometimes for long hours. There may be several reasons for hiccups, but sometimes there is no such important cause for concern if it is for short period.

However, if it carries for long hours or persists for 2-3 days and you are facing some breathing and sleeping issues then you may consult your doctor to avoid any kind of risk. Sometimes the wrong lifestyle can affect these types of physical issues. You can prevent hiccups by making little changes in your daily life. Pay attention when you are getting hiccups. It may be due to overeating, consuming spicy foods, eating too quickly, drinking too many beverages, taking too much stress, etc.

get rid of hiccups naturally
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Although there is no certain way to stop hiccups, some home remedies can provide you relief. Those are like- you can suck a lemon/ Keep some sugar on your tongue and keep it for 10 seconds. It may work/Rub your back slowly/. Engage yourself to avoid this feeling/ Hold your breath for some time/ gargle ice water/breathe into a paper bag/sip cold water/blow up balloons/ take a slow breath/ pull out your tongue/ eat peanut butter etc.

Some other methods are there .like you can use your hands by pressing the palm with the thumb of the other hand or you can squeeze the ball. This way you will also get distracted from hiccups.  In case of children facing hiccups, you can try some remedies like- Give little pressure on the upper stomach. Let them drink cold water. If hiccups occur during feeding a baby, then change the position of the baby. And give a slow little pat to calm down the baby. If hiccups don’t go within 5-10 minutes, stop feeding the baby. It may be difficult for him to feed. Men get much more affected than women.

You should avoid doing some major things like: 

One can try these above-mentioned home remedies to get rid of hiccups naturally at home.

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