Natural ways to quit Chewing Tobacco


Tobacco or Tambaku or Guthka is a very habit which is owned by many people. It is like an addiction, which has now became a kind of trend among youngsters and teenagers even. Chewing tobacco is same dangerous as having slow poison. It is like the time bomb, which slowly deletes our lives. Today we will see natural ways to quit chewing tobacco in this article

What is Tobacco?

Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that is grown in warm climates. After it is picked, it is dried, ground up, and used in different ways. It is also used to prepare cigarettes and other addictive products. Nicotine is one of the more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes and its smoke. It is an element which acts as a stimulant and speeds up the nervous system; it also raises the blood pressure and boosts our heart beats.

Natural ways to quit Chewing Tobacco
Natural ways to quit Tobacco

Killing signs of Tobacco:-

It is well-written on the packet of every addictive elements, ‘Dhumrapan or tambaku jaanlewa hai, isses Cancer hota hai”. But still, many of us blindly consume that poison product. All forms of oral tobacco have chemicals that cause cancer (carcinogens). These products can cause cancer of the mouth, throat, pancreas, and oesophagus (the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach). Oral and smokeless tobacco also cause many other health problems, such as gum disease, destruction of the bone sockets around the teeth, and tooth loss. They cause bad breath and stained teeth, too.

Why it is so hard to quit tobacco chewing?

Visit a person who is chewing tobacco; make him aware of its consequences, harmful effects and the quality of life when one quit tobacco! You tried a lot, but will notice no or temporary results. Why so? Even after getting known of its poisonous effects, why the person is still loving that poison! This is called addiction. As a normal human being needs food to stay alive; similarly those persons consider the addictive products as their lifeline. Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco, which is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Over time, a person becomes physically dependent on and emotionally addicted to nicotine.

Man eating Tobacco
Man eating Tobacco

Nicotine enters the bloodstream from the mouth or nose and is carried to every part of your body. It affects many parts of the body, including your heart and blood vessels, your hormones, the way your body uses food (your metabolism), and your brain. Nicotine causes pleasant feelings and distracts the user from unpleasant feelings. This makes the tobacco user want to use more. Nicotine also acts as a kind of depressant by interfering with the flow of information between nerve cells. A pregnant mother who is habituated for tobacco will preferable bear malformed and underdeveloped child.

Now, we shall be talking about the different techniques and measure, through which one can quit their habit of chewing tobacco. Not only the medications and treatment works, most important thing is your self-examination and dedication. Once you make your mind; Yes I will quit and remove this poison from my life; the no one can stop you for this. You will get eager to find ways to kick tobacco out.

Natural ways to quit chewing tobacco

Stop Tobacco
Stop Tobacco

1. Go with plenty of Exercises-

As a fact, when wrong habits and poisonous substances has enveloped your mind; you will not be able to respond to any remedy. First and the foremost thing to be done is ‘Exercises’.

  • Every morning, go for walking and jogging in open fields and grounds. It will help you to get mentally stable and fit.
  • Become physically active, whether it’s at a gym, with friends or on your own. Something as simple and easy as walking will help.
  • Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can make a tobacco craving go away.
  • Include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage; it will help a lot.

2. Get fibrous and rely to fruits and vegetables-

  • A person with tobacco always wants to have junk and fast foods.
  • It becomes very ad for their health.
  • When you have aspired to quit tobacco, the be strict with your diet.
  • Apple, mango, pomegranate, oranges, grapes, watermelon etc are the refreshing fruits which helps you to hate those addictive elements.
  • Green vegetables, sprouts, legumes etc must be there in your diet.
  • If you are non-vegetarian then include salmon, eggs, meat and fish in your diet. These are rich in protein and Iron; thus making you much stable to get healthier.

3. Herbal Remedies-

  • Take 2 leaves of Holy Basil and 2 leaves of Brahmi; chew this and eat every morning nd evening. It is the best thing to reduce the habit of addiction and even cures the problems which have taken place in past due to such tobacco.
  • Whenever you feel and get attracted to Tobacco; take few seeds of carom and mulethi. Chew them. Chewing them regularly will erase your habit of addiction.
  • Replace your cup of milk tea with a cup of green tea or herbal tea.
  • Radish is also a good thing to reduce the addiction of Tobacco.
  • Instead of plain water, take warm water with cumin seeds boiled in it.

4. Mental set-up-

Guys tobacco, cigarette, alcohol etc are some of the unwanted things which is not required for a beautiful world. We humans are only encouraging these; guess if everyone will quit having this then what will be the impact! Animals are better than us, who are freed from such things. Be human and throw out such things not just from your lives but from this world too. Take care and live well!


  1. Honestly speaking it’s very very useful for my life.Thank you very much.

    I have another concern.It’s related to personal issue.i would appreciate if you can help me on this.I do not want to post that issue here..if possible i can send an e mail (personally).

    Thanks in advance.


  2. I am a tobacco (Gutkha) addict.
    I really don’t like this addiction. I had quit this habit number of times say like for a month or so.
    I want to quit it for ever. But now it is very difficult to stay away even for one day. I am very worried about it.

    • To quit tobacco is not an easy and instant thing. You keep on pushing and encouraging, it will surely succeed. Instead try to offer him cardamom, clove or fennel seeds to chew. Hope it will help

    • It’s good to hear that people are getting encouraged to leave such habits. Quitting tobacco is not an instant process. It requires dedication and correct habit, after all its an addiction kind of thing. Following points will help you-
      1. As you were chewing tobacco, start chewing cardamom or clove. It will help to quit tobacco soon.
      2. Correct your lifestyle, by the addition of exercises and yoga in it.
      3. On a daily basis, take hot water with lemon in an empty stomach.
      4. Also gargle with Tulsi leaves infused water, so that it will cure any kind of oral problems which was caused due to tobacco chewing.

  3. I really liked your page… I m 25 years of age and have been chewing tobacco for the last 5-6 years. I often try to leave this bad habit but unable to control over it. I m very depressed now a days because this bad habit is ruining my personal and professional life. Your page is really very helpful because in your article you have mentioned almost all the ways to leave tobacco.. I will give it a go and this time I will not only try even leave this bad habit. It’s now a do or die situation for me. Hope it works. Fingers crossed! Hard work, willpower, determination and dedication these type of words only looks good when they are written on a article or a book. I m saying this because I m an addicted and I have already tried a lot. Thanks
    Deepak kaushik

  4. I am did all the tips u tell madam but I can’t quit my habbit of chewing tobacco because I can’t control myself for chewing tobacco please suggest any doctor who help me for quiting tobacco

  5. I have been chewing rmd Gutka for about 8 years. I am 29. I am trying to quit. I am going completely stop eating today moving forward. Anything else I can chew on to help me quit? Need something powerful.

  6. Its a quite difficult to quit tobacco. After quitting for 2 or 3 days this habit starts again. Now I am unable to understand that how I will get released from this habit.
    Please suggest what I do.

  7. hii, My husband is addicted to chew tabacoo, we are having a hard time in our relationship, he sometimes substitude tabacoo with gums and fennel but don’t know how he start with tabacoo again and again.

  8. Since from 15 years back I’m continuously chewing Tobacco and tried very much to quit but more I try double I failed,,,this time with the help of your advice and suggestions I’m sure changes will take place in me so my humble request to you Mam help me by giving the best advice according to my addictive years,,,for me it will be very much difficult to leave but I’ll try my best to knock out the poison that is rulling over my Life and I guarantee there will be no disappointment in your support…

  9. its very hard to quit chewing tibacco for first few days n then i read dr.shalini madams notes in this site,i am trying my best lavel to stop chewing tobacco

  10. Telling is very easy but doing is tough. control is in our mind only. when ever u urged to take tobacco just tell your mind tomorrow i’ll take. same will continue for next day too. try it. again i’m telling All thing in our mind control. nothing else.

  11. i quit tobacco past 14 days i installed one APP Quit TOBACCO in android to monitor. only thing u have to cheat your mind. if you forcefully going to quit mind will react opposite side. for example if you are telling today i wont take tambakku in few hours u only think about tambakku and u lose your promise hahaha its happended me a lot. whenever get urge to consume tobacco please tell your self that i’ll buy or consume tomorrow. the same next day too. avoid friends those consume tobacco all products for atleast 21 days. if you practice atleast 21 days it will become habit. its apply to all good thing and bad thing.
    Try all thinks in your mind. ALL THE BEST Randeep.

  12. Well it is a CENTURY!!! I’ve followed this article and its 100 th day from the day I’ve quit chewing tabacco. Its celebration time. Thanks admin for sharing the tips and it worked for me.

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