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7 amazing Health benefits of Chaulmoogra plant

There are many plants used to extract oil. Here we will be talking about a same category of plant, which is mainly known as pain-reliever one. In addition, it has many other benefits too....
Five leaved chaste

Nirgundi : 20 Health benefits of Ayurvedic Herb

Nirgundi is a herb, having quite similar look as Basil. It is an Ayurvedic herb with numerous health benefits in it. Many of us are still unaware of it. Let us see the health...
Health benefits of onion

15 Amazing health benefits of vegetable plant- Onion

In our last post of 'onion benefits', we talked about 6 benefits. Today we will be talking next 15 health benefits of onion. Commonly, we know onion as a simple spice cum vegetable. Here,...

10 Health benefits of Bryophyllum for Kidney and Urinary disorders

Bryophyllum which is a herb, widely known to treat kidney problems and urinary disorders. Do you know, it has several other health benefits too? Today we will be discussing 10 health benefits of Bryophyllum...