Your emotions through an Ayurvedic mirror are simplified!

Your emotions through an Ayurvedic mirror are simplified!

Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal system fortified with the essence of all the major Indian shastras. Ayurveda is also having psychological roots from the base of Indian philosophy. You can see interconnectedness also among these easily. For example, if you say the moon is ruling your emotions, the Soumya or nurturing nature of the moon is prevalent in substances like milk, increasing Kapha energy in the body. This is white in color which signifies its pure nature. Milk is sweet and owing to this, it increases body mass by internally nourishing it. Ayurvedic herbs are signified by the moon in astrology. 

Ayurvedic psychology – the three Gunas or qualities of mind 

We say when we feel anger, body heat increases, and sweat increases. So, this heat is generating Pitta energy in the body and mentally creating Rajo Guna. 

When we are having excess sadness, we go into a sluggish state. This occurs due to Tamo guna creating a covering over normal mental function.


Ayurvedic principles say Satva Guna is when you are having pleasant and calm composure with thoughts for uplifting mankind. When you are doing Yoga, pranayama-like esoteric practices, this guna gets prevalent in one’s nature. Satva guna is about feeling light, clear, and positive about one’s goals and working towards that with consistency and internal discipline. 

Relation of food with mental states 

When you are stuffing your stomach with extremely hot, spicy, fried, and stale food, this creates far and wide repercussions for your health. Whatever you routinely do becomes a habit. Adding more synthetic ingredients to your diet can cause an increase in metabolic toxin levels in your body known as Ama in Ayurveda. This is one of the major root causes of lifestyle disorders and other chronic diseases. 

On the other hand, having food rich in fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, whole cereals, etc. improves the vitality of Ojas in your body, this makes you have the glow Tejas. You remain poised and able to balance yourself too. If you need to be healthy despite your conditions, adopting a diet with a balanced amount of nutrients is required. 

Relation of lifestyle with emotions 

Hurry burry and stressful conditions distract you and disturb your external daily routine balance and internal homeostasis of the body. You can never have peace unless you know what you are thinking and doing. You have to know your strengths, weaknesses, etc. Time to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for yourself! 

Cultivate mindfulness

List out what you want to achieve in your life, and at least you can have a serious thought for Yourself. Observe your surroundings, what your premises are like, what your acquaintances are like, and what different things you can do in your life to achieve progress in your life. 

balanced emotions

When you want to do meaningful things for society, your thoughts and deeds align with nature. Want to test this fact? Remember when you were in the lap of nature while on a nature trip what were you feeling? A calm breeze touching your soul whispering some happy things in the air, right? Now think when you were in the busy rush of traffic, you were feeling overcrowded and in an unending rush. Where are you going behind others? All are unique, all have their own reason to be on this earth. Discover your true cause to be born as a human and aim towards that, achieve what your inner soul, your conscience says. 

This sense of “I am”, you will experience when you are detached from the surroundings while in Nidra, the sleep, and when you are either completely immersed in what you really like or in states like deep meditation. When you are in crisis, then also you sense yourself alone, but then your mind will not be in a state to favorably calmly do things. Fear covers your deeds at that time. 

Emotions are like tools designed for communication. If you want to communicate positivity, be brave and express yourself. Cover-up mannerisms are products of fear which again attract negative emotions like anger, envy, vengeance, etc.

Some special things to ponder 

When you master your emotions, you become the controller of your activities and this makes you create your own destiny. This too will pass and be there brave, strong, and receptible to gifts of experiences in your life. Life is, after all, a bouquet made with shades of emotions and experiences which transform you into a new real version of yourself. 

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