How to Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety Naturally

get rid of stress and anxiety naturally
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Overview of stress and anxiety

Stress has become really common in today’s world and being accepted as a natural part of life, a lot of us ignore the impact it could have in our lives and the lives of others. Stress could be caused due to numerous reasons of which we all are aware nowadays and depending on the intensity of the situation, the impact varies. It is always advised to consult a therapist if one feels the symptoms of stress for more than a week consecutively. However, there are a lot of ways by which we can manage this issue and prevent it from taking a major turn. It starts with bringing a change in our lifestyle which would naturally bring relaxation to our mind.


Lifestyle development includes:

  1. dietary changes
  2. performing yoga
  3. working out
  4. laughter therapy
  5. a sound sleep.
  6. Companionship (a pet or a person)
  7. Aroma therapy
  8. Indulging in hobbies for a change 

What is Stress?

Stress is our body’s response to a challenge in life or an apprehended mishappening. The responses include elevated heart rate, blood pressure, the feeling of anxiety and fear, etc. There could be two types of stress i.e., positive and negative. Positive stress reinforces us to make positive amendments in our lives which help us make the maximum use of our potential to achieve our goals. The other type of stress is of the negative sort which lowers our productivity, motivation, and our outlook towards life. It comes with a severe headache, which could lead to further physical issues.

General Stress Management Tips

A lot of people decrease their stress level by following unhealthy routes like overdrinking or nicotine consumption, which could provide them with temporary relief but is harmful in the long run. Instead, we should provide our body with the necessary nutrition for our hormonal balance to be maintained. Another trick that could do wonders is working out with a specific goal in mind. It could be as simple as doing cardio every day with the goal of staying fit for life. Of course, the reason could vary from person to person but a goal inspires us to push our limits which provides us with a sense of accomplishment, thereby lifting our mood. In a considerable amount of time, this could bring about positive changes from both a physical and mental perspective.

stress management

Listen Good Music

Good music makes a perfect ingredient in handling a stressful situation as it helps our body in releasing the feel-good hormones, thereby maintaining our blood pressure.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises could come in handy while dealing with stressful situations as they can relax our tense muscle tissues and calm us down. Find a quiet spot according to your convenience. Sit straight in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe in and out while having a complete focus on the breathing technique. Repeat the process as many times as possible for 15 seconds and you’ll find yourself calming down from a stressful situation. It will encourage you to focus on your thoughts and the range of motion of your body. In simple words, you can term this process as meditation. You can chant any of your favorite mantras in the mudra position. To set the ambiance, you can light a candle for increasing focus. If practiced daily with a complete mind and muscle connection, you will definitely come across significant changes in your daily lifestyle and spiritual self.

Try the journal

If you believe in manifestation, I would suggest you take a notebook and list down what you are truly grateful for and your own achievable goals and aspirations, things that you know you can accomplish by yourself within a given period of time. This should be a part of your daily life for it to work because now since you have jotted down the points that you are grateful for, you have those aspects of life with you and then achieve your goals with your already available resources i.e. what you have at the moment. Now stick that list that you just prepared to your workplace. Whenever you will be distracted, that list will catch your attention and you will be back to work. Therefore, you will notice exponential growth in your productivity.

Aim for Sound Sleep

The sleep cycle is something that is taken casually or ignored most of the time by us. An unstructured sleep cycle can mess up your entire day plan the following day. A good headstart of the day can lead you to thoughts and emotions according to that and save time as well. Proper sleep also leads to fat loss and muscle recovery so basically, there should not be a reason why you should not utilize your sleep.

Have good work-life balance

Set your work-life balance. Overwork burden can make you less productive in your workplace and other personal areas. Give yourself some time off from your work life and go for a little break. Be it a trip somewhere or come back to your hometown to refresh yourself and recollect your memories of where it all started and what went wrong.

Laughter Therapy

Practice laughter therapy like reading manga, going to stand-up comedies, and so on. Do the things that make you happy and laugh. Over the period of time, develop some innovative hobbies and engage yourself in a side hustle. Always be assertive and lead with a positive and empathetic perspective. Always have a learning attitude that will keep your curiosity to know more and more and dig deep alive. Accept the fact that there are some aspects of your life that is under your own control. Focus on strengthening that area. Instead of hovering around the things that are uncontrollable, try to let them go. The moment you become light-hearted, things get really peaceful in your mind. Your time, beliefs, and emotions are assets to you. So, instead of spending them elsewhere, you get no growth in return, just divert it to the opposite direction.

Healthy Diet plays an important role in stress management

A healthy and balanced diet can build your immune system and boost your mood. Take small steps to change your diet. For example, replace soft drinks and alcohol with water, replace that chips packet with a bowl of salad, replace that chocolate bars with fruits that have natural sugar to curb your sweet tooth cravings. Instead of take-out orders, cook your own food(healthy and disciplined). Add foods that are high in protein, healthy fats, and those that can protect you from chronic disease.

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