Top 9 Foods that will help to SLEEP instantly

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There is a very big problem with sleeping nowadays. Reasons are many like stress, workload and so on. People take sleeping pills for good sleep, which is dangerous in later periods of time. Apart from meditation and Yoga, Here is list of Foods that will help to SLEEP instantly.

 Let’s know what are those super foods which can replace sleeping pills and provide you a sound sleep.

Foods help to SLEEP:

  • MILK
  • OATMEALS                                                 
  • EGGS


Milk contains amino acid tryptophan, which turns into hormone serotonin, this hormone is called a happiness hormone. It’s calcium and protein gives the body a calming effect. You can take milk with honey, milk with almond, milk with helps a lot for a better sleep.  


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chamomile tea helps to relax the body muscles, relieves nervous tension and makes sleep faster. But only one cup of chamomile tea is advisable for sleeping. Otherwise it can be harmful. 


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Doctors recommend drinking red wine is good for heart and health. But do you ever know? Drinking one glass of red wine just before sleeping can help you to sleep faster. Because it normalizes the blood pressure and helps to forget heavy thoughts and fatigue from your body.


Bananas have magnesium and potassium content which gives you muscular relaxation. Bananas also contain tryptophan, which helps for hormones. You can take a glass of banana milk shake before going to bed


A bowl of hot oatmeal contains lots of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon which provide the sound sleep. Do not add sugar because a lot of sugar may misbalance your sleeping quality. A full bowl of oatmeal will give you lots of protein to get a better quality sleep.


Brown eggs in carton on white with clipping path


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Studies have revealed that drinking a glass of cherry juice can improve the length and quality of sleep in adults who suffer from chronic insomnia. According to research cherries have natural resources which regulate sleep. Cherries are rich in 4 different compounds which help to sleep: these are like melatonin, tryptophan, potassium and serotonin. These compounds help to improve sleep quality better.


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It has been said that almonds help to boost sleep quality .because this is a source of hormone melatonin. This is an excellent source of magnesium which provides 19% of your daily needs in one, when you consume adequate amounts of magnesium, it helps to improve your sleep quality for those who suffer from insomnia. It reduces the stress level hormone which interrupts your sleep. If you want to eat almonds before going to bed, then about a handful of almonds should be adequate.


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Dates are considered as very healthy and sweet dried fruit to include in your daily diet in a limited portion. They are high in fiber, anti oxidant. They are also full of nutrients which improves your digestion , prevent you from constipation. It helps you to reduce many diseases.

10 Some additional tips

  • What will affect your sleep cycle. So watch your food habits before regular sleeping.
  • A few late night snacks may help you for a sound sleep .
  • Limit  taking your high fat foods
  • Do not take much spicy food, as it will make you feel uneasy to sleep.
  • Do not take caffeine in the night
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Avoid smoking before bed-time. 

Note: A healthy mind is a great blessing for a healthy body. So, feed your mind positive thoughts on daily basis practice.

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