Scientific way of Bathing for a long and healthy life

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Bathing is our daily life process, which keeps our body clean and purified. It is not a big thing to know, but how to bath in a scientific way is a big thing! Today we will be telling you the correct way of bathing, which will ensure for a long ad healthy life.

You must have or noticed, some older people feels numbness/paralysis while bathing or a kid getting scared and shivering while bathing. Have you ever guessed it why? It’s not just that the kid is making drama, or the older age ones are physically unwell. It has a different reason that everyone should know about.

Today we will be telling you the correct way to bath, so that your health is not suffering or you feel any kind of difficulty.

best bathing process
best bathing process

Wrong way of Bathing:

Using showers in bathing, has become a trend now! 8 out of 10 first put water on their head, then on body. Do you know this thing can be life threatening. Many of you must be getting it as a joke! Now worries, proceed to the following article and you will be astonished.

Correct way of Bathing:

The best way of bathing should be stated from the feet. First, put water on your feet then on thighs and rest of the body. This should be followed as, down to up manner. At last, you should put water on head. Doing this, will take just a minute, but this one minute activity can save some lives!

We all know, such things without scientific logic/findings, are baseless. No one is going to agree for it. Now we shall be telling you the scientific reason behind this.

Scientific reason for Bathing process:

Electricity field is present everywhere, in our body too! Due to the continuous passage and flow of blood, in our body it forms an electric field there. It is healthy when running up to down, when means head to toes. Our brain has very minute veins in it, where blood flow is continuous.

If some person, put a mug of water directly on his head then those veins, shrinks leading to the blood clotting there. Doing this for years, slowly hampers our brain which is one of the leading cause for paralysis or brain hemorrhage in older ages.

When the thing becomes severe, our heart has to work more faster in response to the brain decreased activity. Thus our heart rate increases, which promptly leads to strokes,n heart attacks and other things. Same thing happens with a small kid, when he/she is unable to bear the water and feels shivered.

So guys, what do you say now! Hope from now all of you will use the correct way of bathing.

Share this post to all, and show humanity. May it save the life of some! Do share your feedback and experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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