Top 10 Home Remedies to Control Diabetes



Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which presents with increased blood sugar in the body. This may be due to either inadequate production of the insulin by pancreas or inability of body cells to make use of insulin or sometimes both the reasons may contribute to have condition called diabetes. Based on these, diabetes has been divided in to following types-

Type- 1 Diabetes:

Condition where body does not produce insulin at all. Also called as insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes. It takes place at early stages of life.

Type- 11 Diabetes:

It is the condition where human body doesn’t produce enough insulin for proper functioning of body tissues. It is a kind of progressive disease which has got many complications if care is not taken.

Gestational diabetes:

This is diagnosed during pregnancy only with some of women as their body has increased blood sugar and body tissues are not able to utilize it properly.

Diabetes is a type of health problem from which everyone is aware and it is very common among people. Our diet and life style has changed so much in this modern time so that diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. are non-avoidable.

If care is not taken and it is not in control may damage nerves, blood vessels, other internal organs. Major complications of diabetes include – Nephropathy (damage to kidneys), Neuropathy (damage to nervous system), Retinopathy (eye damage) and Myopathy (damage to muscles). Person may get silent heart attack, heart problems, pregnancy problems, depression, stress, dental caries and so many.

Home remedies to control blood sugar naturally

Home remedies for diabetes

Bitter melon – called karela in India. It contains polypeptide-P and Charantin which increases the utility of blood glucose by muscles, liver and fatty cells therefore decreases blood sugar in the body. Bitter melon consumption either in the form of juice or curries is really beneficial.

Fenugreek – Called methi in India comes in fresh leaves form and also available in seeds form. This has got a number of health benefits. It helps to stimulates pancreatic cells to increase the insulin production due to presence of an amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleucine. It can be used in any form. Soak seeds overnight in a glass of water. Drink water early morning with chewing seeds serves an amazing home remedy to fight diabetes.

Garlic – garlic is used very commonly in food preparations. Allicin is present in the garlic which is responsible for the ant diabetic effects. It prevents the fats from oxidizing and prevent the damage to artery walls.

Holy basil – Called Tulsi commonly and it is very common household plant in India. Mainly leaves are used for medicinal purpose. It is rich in properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, immunomodulator etc. leaves juice in daily routine serves as an amazing home remedy to control blood sugar naturally.

Cinnamon – Called daalchini in India and is very popular spice used in curries. Though its bit sweet in taste but plays a very good role in managing blood sugar naturally. Regular use of it in the form of tea or simply with water helps to reduce blood sugar effectively in the blood.

Ladyfinger – Called bhindi or okra in India. This is rich in insoluble fiber and it helps to delay the glucose absorption from intestines therefore helps in controlling increased diabetes naturally and very effectively.

Curry leaves – Commonly used by south Indian people for making curries. It has its own very special aroma and are bitter in taste. Regular consumption on daily basis helps to bring down increased sugar. Empty stomach is better to have with this wonderful home remedy.

Aloe Vera – Very familiar herb to people across the globe. As its rich with antioxidant properties, helps to remove toxins out from the body. Aloe vera gel in 20 ml quantity is sufficient to have daily once or twice. This keeps body free from unwanted things.

Indian goose berry – Called amla by Indian people. This is a richest source of vitamin C and packed with immunoenhancing, antioxidant properties as well. Use regularly to keep body diseases free.

Gulancha Tinospora – known as giloy in India or also called amrit, one which is equal to nectar. This is well advised in low immunity and extracts of guduchi/giloy stem inhibits the activity of enzyme called alpha glycosidase which is associated with breakdown of glucose. Again it helps to delay the process of carbohydrate digestion that in turn prevent from hyperglycemia.

Try to make use of natural things and keep your body and mind disease free.

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