supta vajrasana

Activate your lower body organs with- Supta Vajrasana

When your body is healthy, you are filled with all the beauties and happiness of the life! Today we will be telling you about a yoga pose which helps to activate your lower body...
Healthy Prenatal exercises during pregnancy

5 must do Prenatal Exercises during Pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy is the motive of every expecting women. It means healthy mother and healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. Today we will discuss Prenatal exercises during pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, exercises are...
Pranayama pose

Common things about Kapalbhati Pranayama

Anything type of asana or activity which is related to breathing activity; then it can be termed as 'Pranayama'. Pranayama is totally a scientific method which correlates mental peace and physical fitness. In ancient...

Yoga pose for all kinds of Stomach problems- Pawanmuktasana

90% of the disease occur, due to the deformity or wrong functioning of stomach. Today we will be telling you about a Yoga pose, to sort out all kinds stomach and digestion related problems....