treatment for frozen shoulder

How To Get Rid Of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder which causes pain, stiffness, loss of normal motion in the shoulder. The result can be serious if not treated properly on time. This affects people ages between 40-60....
five yoga asanas to stay fit always

5 Yoga Asanas to stay fit and Healthy Always

Hello friends, today I am back with another section of Yoga. Last time, my yoga post was based on basics and explanations; now it is on the several types of yoga asanas. First of...

Tips to lead a healthy life naturally

It is said all the living beings are made of earthy matters which consists of; air, water, ether, fire, and wind. This phrase makes it obvious that; a living thing can only be healthy...

Reduce your waistline fat with Triangle pose- Trikonasana

Slimmer waist is the sign of fitness and healthy body. When our body starts gaining unhealthy weight, then the waist area gets bulge the first. Today we will be telling you about a yogasana...