Yogasana for a better digestion- Shalabhasana

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Yoga is a science as well as a method that allows man a harmonious life while favoring his spiritual progress through the control of mind and body. Yogasanas are designed to develop the inner force that enables us to overcome our failings with withstand stressful situations with serenity. It prepares the body for higher stages yogic practices such as concentration and meditation.

All the yogasanas are meant for their specific benefits and advantages. All the yoga poses exerts pressure on the specific parts of the body which needs the recovery. Here, our concerned yogasana is “Shalabhasana”. As our topic spells, this yogasana is mainly meant for the strengthening of digestive system. So, lets move to it.

What is Shalabhasana?

Shalabhasana Yoga pose
Shalabhasana Yoga pose

The word Shalabhasana is derived from two words; Shalabha is a Sanskrit word which means ‘a locust’ whereas asana means ‘posture or pose’. Thus it is also called, Locust pose. While performing the asana, the body resembles like a locust that is why it is named so. In this, half of our body remains on space itself which balances our body. It is quite easier pose; and gets easy with a regular practice. Now, we will be describing how to do this asana.

Steps for Shalabhasana:-

  • Firstly, lie down on the stomach with chin and the forehead touching the ground.
  • Now, stretch the arms beside the body  and lightly clench the fists tightly and raise the legs as high as possible.
  • Hold the position for several seconds.
  • This time you should be retaining your breath and directing the attention on the lumbar region.
  • Then exhale by coming back to the lying posture.
  • Relax by lying on the stomach.
  • Repeat the exercise for 2-3 times as possible. .

Benefits of Shalabhasana:-

These are numerous benefits of Shalabhasana, some of them are given as follows-

  • This very yogasana tones-up the muscles of your back, arms and abdomen.
  • The balancing process helps to correct your body structure and makes it look good.
  • It fortifies the latter and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, curing the most stubborn constipation.
  • It brings a large supply of blood to kidneys, thus cleaning and regenerating them.
  • It removes most of the deformities from neck and shoulder regions.
  • It makes your body flexible and healthy.

Contradictions of Shalabhasana:-

Well, yogasanas are very beneficial and has miraculous effects but still there are many contradictions related to Shalabhasana. Have a look on the following and you will conclude them-

  • This very asana should not be performed by pregnant ladies.
  • This is also not meant for those who have recently undergone to abdominal surgery.
  • Over-exertion of pressure is not allowed in this. Otherwise it can even worsen the case.
  • Do not go with this if having problems related to slipped discs and spine.
  • Those suffering from hernia and prolapse should not perform this.

So, in this way we saw how this yogasana can be so beneficial for health and body. Include this in your daily routine and make yourself healthy and fit. Take care and live well!

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