How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally at Home

boost metabolism naturally
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Metabolism is the chemical process that allows a living thing to continue its life by turning food and drink into energy. Even when we are sleeping, our bodies require energy to keep our organs functioning properly, such as blood circulation, respiration, digestion, and cell repair. The basic metabolic rate is the amount of energy our bodies require to carry out these chemical activities (BMR).

Individuals have different baseline metabolic rates. The metabolic rate is influenced by a number of factors, including body size, age, gender, and genes. As people get older, their metabolism slows down, owing to a decrease in muscular mass. There are many medical issues like thyroid, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders which affect the rate of metabolism too.

What are the things which affect our metabolism

Although genetics play the most important impact on metabolism, there are minor differences among ethnic groups. Because muscle burns more calories than fat even at rest, lean muscle mass, which accounts for around a 5% variation between men and women, affects metabolism. Even when you aren’t actively exercising, increasing muscle mass through exercise raises your metabolism.

boost metabolism naturally
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Things to boost your metabolism naturally

Eat right

Certain foods can assist you in burning more calories. Chewing, digesting, and storing food all require your body to expend energy. This is referred to as the food’s thermic impact (TEF). It accounts for only about 5-10% of your daily calorie expenditure.

If you’re strength training, high protein diets are more difficult to digest and support muscle building. Fiber is also more difficult to chew and requires more energy to break down. Spices are another technique to raise your body temperature and burn more calories by adding them to your food.

Eat healthy
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Combining protein and fiber-rich foods can lessen the overall tendency to overeat by curbing hunger pangs for hours after eating.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is, without a question, the most effective technique to increase your metabolism. Even hours after a workout, a strong workout can fire up your metabolic engine. Even if you are a complete newbie when it comes to physical exercise, there are numerous advantages to working out.

Exercise Regularly
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Resistance training, which aids in muscle development, has long-term metabolism-boosting effects. Even simple exercises can help you gain strength, burn calories, and enhance your overall health.

Eat protein in every meal

protein rich food
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Eating food can increase your metabolism for some time. This is called the thermic effect of food (TEF). It is the extra calories required to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in your meal. Protein causes the largest rise in TEF. It increases your metabolic rate by 15 – 30 percent as compared to 5.10 percent for carbs and 0 – 3 percent for fat. Protein also keeps you fuller for longer and prevents you from overeating. A study found that people were likely to eat 441 calories less per day when protein made up 30 percent of their diet.

 Mineral rich food

Minerals are equally important for the proper functioning of the body. One should take iron-rich food like seeds, nuts, meat, and seafood in his/her daily food menu intake. Coffee has been found beneficial to increase metabolic rate. Studies say that having ¾ cup of coffee in a day can cut 100 calorie per day. It enhances your workout.

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