Choose the best Lipstick as per your Skin tone

Lipstick is one of the common makeup wore by all the girls. It not only gives color but also nourishes your lips. Many times, we are not able to guess which shade is suitable...
Homemade Shampoo

Homemade Shampoo which will make your hair grow like crazy grass

Beautiful and  long hairs are liked by all. But due to several factors and environmental conditions, our hairs gets affected and becomes dull! Here we are presenting you an amazing homemade shampoo which will...
herbal bathing way

Say no to Soaps and use these 4 Natural Bathing techniques

Blue soap, pink soap, white soap etc, there are lots of bathing soaps available in market of different brands and names. They promises for a soft and glowing skin. But do they really! Hey...
pedicure reflexology method

Keep yourself stress and tension free with this Pedicure remedy

Whole day full of works, tensions and pollution! All these things makes us mentally unwell and stressed even. Many people take analgesics and painkillers to abide this, but this isn't the right way. Today...