herbal bathing way

Say no to Soaps and use these 4 Natural Bathing techniques

Blue soap, pink soap, white soap etc, there are lots of bathing soaps available in market of different brands and names. They promises for a soft and glowing skin. But do they really! Hey...
Curry leaves for long and strong hairs

Curry leaves Remedy for long and strong Hairs

Every women likes to have long and strong hairs. Hairs are the crown of your head that makes you feel happy and satisfactory. It also enhances your look and gives you confidence. Here we...

5 Beauty Tricks with Vaseline every girl should know

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, that we generally use to heal chapped lips and dry skin. But there are many more things you can do with this. Today we will be telling you 5...
Skin bleaching

How to make Skin bleach at home for spots and blemishes

Bleaching you skin gives it a natural shine, making it free from blemishes, marks and dullness. We buy ready made bleach from markets, which has a lots of side effects. Today let us do...