Hot Towel therapy

Hot Towel Therapy for long, strong and beautiful Hairs

Do you want your hairs to be long as Rapunzel! Here we are with a very easy and simple technique, which actually works. It is called Hot Towel therapy. We try a lot to...
herbal bathing way

Say no to Soaps and use these 4 Natural Bathing techniques

Blue soap, pink soap, white soap etc, there are lots of bathing soaps available in market of different brands and names. They promises for a soft and glowing skin. But do they really! Hey...
Lip Scrub for Pink lips

Easy Homemade Lip Scrub for Soft pink lips

Soft and pink lips like rose petals is the willing of every girl! None of us wants chapped and rough lips. Today we will be talking about Lip scrub for pink lips. It is...
Coconut oil for skin

Massage your face with Coconut oil for Facial beauty

During the period of our grandmothers, they used natural ingredients as today we use cosmetics and beauty products. Those beauties were evergreen and you can't compare it with today's ones. One of the most...