Reasons of Skin darkening during winters and its cure

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Reasons of Skin darkening during winters and its cure
skin care in winters

Since from ages, we human beings are prone of suffering from dermal problems. In every season, every climate; skin maladies are casual.
Like during summer season; rashes, skin pricking, bacterial skin infections; during spring; sensitivity, skin flu’s etc. Similarly, during winters our skin has to go through several harsh conditions. We will discuss about “Reasons of Skin darkening during winters and its cure”.

We all know that during winters our skin texture gets rough, dry and flaky. Do you know the reason behind this? Actually, because of the chilling atmosphere and cold weather the oil glands beneath our skin gets frozen and unable to secret natural oils responsible for natural skin softness. When the skin lacks some manual skin care; they tend to be dry and rough. The major skin affliction that our skin faces during winters are listed as below:-

  • Dryness and roughness
  • Itching; in severe cases redness and swelling too
  • Wizened skin with premature wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration/darkening
  • Blotching and spotty skin. Etc

Here, we will be talking about one of the major skin problem during winter i.e. Skin darkening. Many of you must be thinking, it is not a big issue to be concerned. These kinds of skin maladies are common in this season. No, it is not common. It is only our misconception.

These kinds of dermal problems can be severe it not treated. Not only physically, these things harass us mentally too. We humans have different skin colors. Some have dark color and some have light skin. Melanin is a skin pigment that decides the skin color.

Skin care during winters
Skin care during winters

Sun rays, lack of hydration, nutrition and blood circulation; all these things affect our melanin adversely and make us dark. You guys must be thinking, what can be the interconnection between melanin and skin darkening during winters? This was just a short view to give a general hint of skin darkening.

Following are the reasons of skin darkening during winters and its cure:

  1. Woolens; these are the most important things used during winters. Woolens are of many types, some are of good quality and skin friendly whereas some are rough and pricking in wear. Using bad quality of woolens can also result in autonomous skin darkening. The rough threads in it can hurt your skin and simultaneously can make them rough.
  2. We all like to use hot water during winters. But it is not good at all; hot water is best suited for skin discoloration and tanning. You can use lukewarm water or cold water.
  3. Eating junky and oily food can also contribute towards dark skin.
  4. Regular addiction of cigarettes and alcohol can also make your skin dull and dark. Not only this, its adverse affect can be seen in whole body.
  5. Unhealthy daily schedule can also affect you melanin making your skin dark.

These were the reasons of skin darkening during winters. Don’t worry about these, solutions are hidden itself in your proper care. Just you need to be conscious and practical. Winter season on other hand can be full of maladies. But your consciousness can heal all the ailments. Following are some of the methods that will be surely helpful to fight skin ailments this winter:-

  • As it is a fact, proper medication beforehand is useful. Similarly, in case of winter issues you need to be careful before its arrival. Make your daily routine healthy and fit in order to avoid any kind of stress or ailment.
  • Include at least 20 minutes of exercises in your daily routine. Morning time is best suited for your workouts. With fitness, you will be able to keep your body warm with the early sun rays full of benefits.
  • Eat healthy food like fruits, green vegetables, nuts, pulses, legumes, honey, wholegrain, cereals, meat, eggs etc. This will revitalize your skin from inside avoiding any kind of skin darkening.
  • Use lukewarm water for bathing. Add few drops of citrus juice in it. It will clear the skin tone naturally.
  • Use mudpack, natural exfoliate and real coconut oil weekly. It will keep your skin glowing and healthy.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is the best beauty therapy that is evergreen.
  • Yoga and pranayama are best suited for your health. Besides building your health, it will also rejuvenate the skin texture.
  • Wear soft woolen clothes in winter. You must choose the clothes that are soft and comfortable in your skin. Don’t go on color and fashion.
  • Most of us likes to sip tea or coffee during winters. Instead of these beverages, you can use herbal tea or green tea. It is rich in antioxidants that make your skin healthier and radiant.
  • Try to avoid UV rays as much as possible. Now-a-days, these rays are so harmful that in severe cases they can also result in skin cancers.

We all love our skin. No one wants any kind of adverse affect in their skin. For this, you need to be self conscious and stress free. Beauty comes wholly from physical and mental health. Try to deal all your tasks happily and in a great ease.

This winter, let’s challenge these frozen winds! Be prepared before its arrival, freezing winds will chase you but will surely defeated as a looser. So guys, take care and live happily.

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