Use Rice water as a cosmetic with these 5 tricks

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After cooking rice, we usually throw the left water. We don’t know, but this starchy rice can be rich in health and beauty properties. Now stop throwing the rice water away and use it as a cosmetic.

We spend a huge sum of money to buy cosmetic products for hair and body. None of us likes to waste such, but it’s a kind of last option as there are no alternative left.

Now, you have an alternative! Today we will be telling you about a simple thing which can do miracles for your beauty. Yes it is nothing else but Rice water.

Many of us know that Rice water is good for health. Doctors and health experts advices, not to throw it away as it contains essential nutrients. Many of us don’t know but rice is a beautifying ingredient, that has been used by ages.

Today many people cook rice in pressure cooker, where no wastage occurs. But still, there are many who liked and cooks rice in simple vessel, where water is thrown away.

Let us know how to utilize this simple but miraculpus water for health and beauty purpose.

How to make Rice water?

rice water
rice water

You can make it in two forms; diluted or in concentrated form. Take a cup of long-grained rice and soak in 2 cups of water. Soak for 2 hours, then take it out. You will notice the water has become whitish and transslucent.

But the best form is concentrated one, which can you prepare as the traditional preparation of rice in pot or vessel. The leftover water will be thick, and thus called rice water.

How to use Rice water?

Now we will see how to use rice water. We will be telling 5 easy ways, which will be quite easier and making your life easy.

5 uses of Rice water:

  1. Use it as moisturizing face mask. Add a few drops of some essential oil in it, mix well and apply on face. Use this once a week, for soft and supple skin.
  2. Grind some rice and mix with concentrated rice water. Also add some lemon drops in it and mix well. It becomes body scrub. Use it once a week, to rub your skin for fair and beautiful skin. It removes dead cells from the skin, thus making it look clean and beautiful.
  3. Large skin pores gives a very ugly and shabby look. Dip a cotton ball into rice water, and gently rub it all over the face. It works as an astringent and tightens the pores.
  4. Take thick rice water and using your fingers make it apply on the hair scalp. It should penetrate into the roots. Let it stay for 20 minutes, then shampoo it. It will make your hair look wow and as conditioned at salon.
  5. In any kind of skin disease and infection, apply the starchy liquid of rice water. It is very good healer and deals with infections like eczema, scabies, acne etc.

Rice water is a simple thing, by highly recommended by herbalists and physicians. It has no side effects so can be used by everyone.


Do not apply hot water to your skin, it might cause rashes or even burn your skin.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Please share it in all social medias and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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