A beautiful day with Ayurveda – beauty regimen unearthed  

Ayurveda advocates natural beauty, do you want to have eternal beauty? If yes, read further these wonderful tips ahead. Ayurveda, the ancient herbal wisdom has countless beauty recipes starting from glowing golden yellow turmeric...
henna pack

Make your own Henna Pack for Hair loss and Whitening of Hairs

Hair problems are one of the commonly seen problem in almost all age groups. Hair loss, aloepecia, whitening of hair, split ends, dandruff, itchy scalp etc are very common. Today we have a solution...
removal of blackheads

How to use Lemon and salt to remove Blackheads naturally

Looking fair is not enough for a complete beauty, there are certain skin conditions which makes you look aged and diminish your beauty. Blackheads is one of them. Today we will tell you a...
lip exfoliator

Exfoliate your lips at home for Soft and Pink lips

Tired of using lip balms, lip creams and other products! Here we are with a homemade recipe to exfoliate your lips naturally. Even trying harder, we don't get pink and soft lips. Now try...