Homemade Moisturizer for Oily, Acne Prone Skin


People who have oily and acne prone skin mostly opt for a moisturizer that is sold by well-known as well as cheap brand and those skin care products hardly show its efficiency. It is always recommended to make a light and natural moisturizer by yourself which quickly suit and balance your oil, acne prone skin. Homemade Moisturizer is great to maintain the natural health the skin, and it refreshes the skin by a large margin when compared to artificial moisturizer found in the market. A homemade moisturizer comes with a natural fragrance that assists you to boost your mood as well as energy.

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Skin with oily, acne prone skin should use this moisturizer on a daily basis which will help the body to maintain a healthy balance. It would be best if you apply it after the morning shower because your skin will be clean of any dirt or germs. This homemade moisturizer carries ingredient that cleanses all the acne causing bacteria and revitalizes the level of skin’s oil which gives you a healthy skin. The ingredients also curb down all kind of irritation and itchiness thus helping you to carry a fresh skin. After cleansing your face always apply homemade moisturizer.

Ingredients Needed For Preparing The Homemade Moisturizer

For making homemade moisturizer you won’t need any rare or highly expensive product, most of the products are easily available in the market at the moderate prize. There are some ingredients which you can find it in your kitchen so making homemade moisturizer is quite easy. According to expert, you should maintain the quantity of the ingredients because if you mix one item in excess amount, then it might jeopardize the whole potency. The following points will depict the elements needed for a homemade moisturizer for oily, acne prone skin:

  • One-third of a cup Grape seed or 75 ml of jojoba oil.  

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  • Two tablespoons or 10 of Emulsifying wax.
  • Half teaspoon of Stearic acid for stabilization.
  • One teaspoon of 5 ml of Vitamin E.
  • Two tablespoons or 25 ml of Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe vera gel

  • A half cup of witch hazel or 125 ml of distilled water which are easily available in the market.
  • Ten drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • Ten drops of grapefruit seed extract.



  • Ten drops of petit grain or lemongrass essential oil (as it is easily available in the market).
  • Ten drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • One drop of Ylang Ylang or Jasmine if you don’t find Ylang Ylang in the market.

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Method For Creating Homemade Moisturizer For Oil, Acne Prone Skin

Making homemade moisturizer for oily, acne prone skin is quite, and it doesn’t contain a harmful toxic element that will affect the natural health of the skin. So many people consider homemade skin care product as the best moisturizer for acne as it easily curbs down acne-causing germs. The following points will provide the method for creating the homemade skin care product:

  • At first take glass heat safe cup with measuring scale embedded in it and wash it properly. Then add the oil, stearic acid, and emulsifying wax and stir them properly so that they are mixed properly.   
  • Then put the heat safe measuring cup in a vessel partially filled with water and warm them over a slow heat. When you are hitting the mixture, stir it occasionally, and you should wait until emulsifying wax mixes properly with other ingredients. Then add vitamin E after removing the mixture from the heat.
  • After the second step, you should add aloe Vera, and witch hazel in a safe heat cup and this cup should have measuring marker. Then you should take a long stirrer mix the two ingredients properly.
  • Then you should take a pot carrying a mixture of aloe Vera and witch hazel and heat on stove or microwave. However, you should heat the mixture until it is lukewarm and it would be best if you water bath method for warming the mixture. This is a crucial step because moisturizer won’t stick together if the mixture is too cold.
  • Then add the oil combination into the witch hazel blend, and you should mix it slowly. While pouring the mixture, you should continue stirring the mixture so that it gets evenly mixed. You can use a wire whisk or long stirrer for stirring the mixture.
  • After this add the essential oils in the bowl that carrying all the mixtures and also add the grapefruit seed extract. Then pour it slightly, so it gets spread all over the mixture rather getting gathered in a single place.

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  • After mixing the whole ingredients in a pot, you should put the homemade moisturizer in a sterilized plastic bottle or dark glass. After pouring the mixture, you should put the cap on or cover the dark glass so that external impurities can’t enter the glass or bottle.
  • So after pouring the mixture, you should occasionally shake the glass or bottle as the lotion cools to prevent the ingredients from getting separated. Always store in a cool and dark place.  

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These are steps that will help you to get a fine homemade moisturizer for your oily, acne prone skin. If you need thin consistency, then you should add a small amount of emulsifying wax. You can also curb down the scent by reducing the amount of essential oil in the mixture.

If you have any allergy from aloe Vera, then you can use distilled water to replace aloe Vera. The moisturizer will amount to 250 ml, and if you want to increase the amount, then you need to increase the amount of ingredient accordingly.

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