Prevention of Dengue: Biggest epidemic in current date

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Winters has started and so the seasons of epidemics! In the current date, it has become the synonym of hazards! It’s a mosquito-borne illness which is slowly spreading everywhere. Today we will be telling you prevention of dengue , , , dengue symptoms and the treatments too.

Is Dengue a Viral disease?

Dengue epidemic , dengue, prevention of dengue
Dengue epidemic

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused by dengue virus. It is a major health problem, which affects your liver then overall health.

Why viral diseases are common during the onset of winters?

Have you ever thought, why most of the viral problems are seen between October to December? Because of this the period when the atmosphere is misty and foggy as well. We must know-

“Viruses are the borderline between living and non-living”.

virus attack in winters

When they find a favorable atmosphere they start spreading illness and when the temperature becomes summery or very cold they automatically get non-living. This is actually what makes them the most dangerous microorganisms.

Dengue Symptoms:

Dengue symptoms when a  person affected with dengue will show signs like-

  • Rashes all over the body
  • Vomiting
  • Heavy and rising fever
  • A headache and body aches
  • Muscle pains

prevention of  Dengue:

prevention for dengue
prevention of dengue

Now when this disease is spreading at a lightning speed, it’s very important to know how to keep ourselves safe from this.

  1. Always wear full sleeves clothes when going out, don’t allow small kids to go out to parks and gardens after sunset. Those areas are full of mosquitoes, thus should be avoided in the evening.
  2. Make sure to lock all the doors and windows once it is dark, it will not let any mosquito come inside.
  3. Keep your surroundings clean, mosquitoes spread in the dirty, damp and foul atmosphere.
  4. In this season use environment-friendly neem coils, neem oils, Loban dhoop, lemongrass oil. camphor oil etc in your houses.  These are the things that act as a natural mosquito repellent.
  5. Tulsi infused tea a decoction is very good for all. You can also give water boiled with tulsi and ajwain to kids above one year. This will strengthen the immune system thus preventing the disease.

How Dengue affects your health?

Once you are bitten with the dengue mosquito, the viruses flow along with your blood cells and start killing the platelets. This gives rise to high fever and decreases the platelet count.

It automatically lowers the WBC’s which acts as the defense for the body. All these decreases your immunity and invites many other symptoms like body aches, vomiting and so on.

Dengue affects your liver very harshly making it a life-threatening disease.

How it is treated in medical science?

  • In medical science, they will give Vitamin C, folic acid and iron supplements; in order to raise the platelet count.
  • Paracetamol for fever and other drugs may also be given to treat the symptoms like vomiting and body aches.
  • If it is not enough, they may also opt for platelet transfusion.

Dengue fever or your own thoughts!

Sounds different but its true: Thinking fever! Currently, it is the outbreak of dengue all over the country. It is threatening everyone. In this period, even if you develop a simple seasonal fever you may get scared as of Dengue.

Your panic thing actually gifts you all such symptoms that actually dengue does. So if you too are feverish, go for the blood test. If you are diagnosed with dengue then got for treatment if not then no need to panic it will be cured in a day or two.

Treatment as per Ayurveda:

papaya leaves for dengue ,dengue treatments
papaya leaves for dengue

Ayurveda means the science of living. There are very easy and home available tips available when you are suffering from dengue. Some of them are-

  1. Papaya leaves; these are very well known to increase platelet count. Once affected take the juice of papaya leaves regularly.
  2. Giloy is the heart-shaped leaves which is another best thing for tropical dengue fevers. This also increases platelet count, and also treats fevers.
  3. The patient must also take pomegranate; it will cure vomiting and also cure fatigue.
  4. The patient must take tulsi decoction and ajwain water in regular intervals, it will contribute to the treatment and also help to build up immunity.

Current data about dengue illness:

It is mid of November and the epidemic is on the top. This disease is rapidly increasing in metropolitan cities like New Delhi , Mumbai ,Noida, Gurgaon and others.

The disease is so much rapid that, lots of preventive measures like free distribution of homeopathic tablets, vaccines, insect spray etc are done.

This disease sounds low, but can be life-threatening, especially for those who lack immunity. Take proper prevention of dengue and stay safe.

Share this post to all, so that the awareness will spread to all. In any questions or queries; do comment on our comment box.

Stay healthy live well!

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