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Thyroid problems Diet

4 Foods You Should Add To Diet When Experiencing Thyroid Problems

Consuming the right foods is something most people struggle with on a daily basis. With all of the temptation out there when it comes to bad foods, it can be hard to eat healthy...
wearing bangles tradition

5 Indian traditions which are beneficial and scientifically proven

India is known as the land of traditions and culture. In every state, there lie different traditions which have their own aspects and importance. Today we will be telling about 5 Indian traditions, which...
tuberculosis disease

Symptoms, prevention and other things to know about Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis; a deadly lung disease is very common these days. Today we will be telling you common things about T.B and related information to it. In the packets of cigarettes it is written; “Smoking...
health benefits of ragi finger millets

Health Benefits of Ragi (finger millet)

Ragi is a very nutrient-rich millet. It resembles mustard seeds and is high in calcium, iron, protein, and fibre. Methionine, an amino acid which is deficient in diets that depend on starchy foods like...