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This category keeps people updated about general health awareness like kids care, common cold, flu, fever, immunity and healthy lifestyle etc.

cleanses your liver naturally

10 Foods to cleanse liver naturally

The liver is an important body organ and powerhouse of the body. It filters and processes your food. It filters your blood and passes it to the rest of the body part. The primary...
dialysis or artificial kidney

Common things to know about Renal Parenchymal disease

Introduction:- We human beings are made of several metabolic systems that have their own specific functions and characteristics. ‘Excretory system’ is one of them. Excretion means the removal of unwanted materials. Our excretory system includes;...
Different types of Pulses

Different types of Pulses and their Health benefits

Indian diet is majorly based on crops and cereals and in every cuisine, wheat, rice, pulses, etc. are compulsory and are liked. They are even filled with lots of nutrients and have their respective...
aluminium vessels

5 Reasons why one should not use Aluminium vessels in cooking

All over the world, more than 60% of the population uses aluminium vessels, for cooking. Do you know, this highly famous habit can be dangerous for your health? Let us see this how. Can...