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Open your Eyes to uproot Milk Adulteration

In our Holy Scriptures and the ancient books of Ayurveda, it has been said that milk is food which is same as 'amrit'. It has also been said as the 'Food of Gods'. Milk...
How to get rid of Hernia

How to get rid of Hernia – Brief overview

The journey that led to healing of hernia naturally A condition in which the stomach is pushed up an opening in the diagram through the hiatus is called hiatal hernia. For most people, this condition...

10 easy tips to lead a healthy life

Healthy life; what is this! It's quite tougher to understand the wholesome meaning of "Health". For some, to remain physically fit is health whereas for some; a body free from illness in perfect health....
benefits of eating banana

Benefits of Eating Banana Daily

Introduction Banana is an inexpensive fruit that has extensive incredible health benefits. This fruit is available worldwide. Bananas have several attributes. However, this simple fruit with yellow peel and white body has amazing health benefits....