Basics about Global Warming and what can we do to reduce it

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Altered climates, acid rain, overheating of atmosphere! All these are due to Global warming. Hey guys, today we will be telling you about a very critical and severe disease for Earth which is nothing but ‘Global Warming’.

What is called Global Warming?

Global warming simply means the gradual increase of earth’s temperature and its total atmosphere. In our present lives, global warming can be recognized as the one of the most devastating natural calamity that is really a silent killer. Global warming means heating of earth rapidly.

Disasters of Global warming:

effects of global warming
effects of global warming

Because of this, our earth is getting depleted very furiously and decreasing the sustenance on earth. Our earth; which is recognized as the only living planet in the universe is losing its quality. Just imagine what will be the lives of our coming generation!

There will be lack of fuel, pure oxygen, greenery, fields, and fresh edibles. There will be only and only buildings; no playgrounds no fields. Manpower will be devastated, everyone habited with the sedentary lifestyle. Just by the imagination itself, your mind will get shivered.

How we humans are responsible for Global warming?

It is bitter but true fact that we humans are mostly responsible for this huge disaster. It is a very sad thing that instead of thanking earth we are giving explosions, pollution, and disasters to it. Our earth which is considered as god, we are destroying it.

For our fulfillment and greed, we humans are tearing and hurting our mother earth. Humans are the most developed creatures of earth, we have got immense sense and knowledge but, how we are using it? We are pointing our developed sense towards destructive way instead of constructive.

We should remember one thing; this planet earth is not ours, we have inherited it from our next generation, and it is our responsibility to hand over the healthy and green earth. Are we doing the same?

Our present actions only depict that we are only going to leave barren, desert earth for upcoming generations. Our ancestors handed us the green, living and resourceful earth. But what about us, here our carelessness and lack of humanity can be observed.

Humans or Devils for Earth!

challenges of global warming
challenges of global warming

Well as said earlier, we humans are mostly responsible for it. Let us know how-

  • Tsunami or flood is said as the natural calamity that washes many lives and property. It destroys small huts even many villages, after the flood the area looks like the barren land full of waste materials and garbage.
  • It is said as natural calamity, but is it always natural? Sometimes it natural, in another hand sometimes it can be indirectly human devastation too.
  • Today we use electrical appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner etc. All these contribute to the deposition of CFCs (Chloro Fluro carbons) that result in ozone layer depletion.
  • Today, glaciers are melting rapidly and because of this, the sea level is increasing day by day. That also results in floods.

Deforestation as the major reason:

deforestation by humans
deforestation by humans

Deforestation also contributes to earth depletion. As we know, green trees attract clouds. It also provides us with oxygen that is a huge factor in our survival. Trees are like our friends, they provide us with many things but we humans cut them cruelly.

Our land looks barren and lifeless. When there is lack of trees and greenery, oxygen gets low and carbon dioxide becomes high. As a result, it attracts heat and harmful UV rays to earth that make our life suffocative and hazardous.

Beside all these, we humans directly are the culprits to increase global warming; we use plastic bottles, bags, cups and many things that are disposable.

Most of the plastics used are non-biodegradable in nature, by coming in contact with soil these plastics forms a very harmful toxic substance that lowers the quality of the soil. This also makes the soil unfertile and loses its humus content.

The harmful smoke emitted from factory chimney is also very harmful that contains harmful elements like lead and arsenic. Actually, the smoke released directly affects the ozone layer. Not only this, the factory waste is mostly disposed of in water bodies that make the water poisonous and has adverse effects.
We, as humans, are really responsible for global warming but if tried in unity, we can save our earth.

It’s not late yet! Still, we can join hands to save our mother earth from this mishap.

save earth from hazards
save earth from hazards

What we can do to save our Mother Earth:

  • Try to use, biodegradable plastic materials, this will be converted into humus without any adverse effect.
  • Deforestation should be strictly prohibited. Everyone should participate in tree plantations. This will contribute a lot to save our earth.
  • Always try to recycle materials. This will give you self-satisfaction and will save the earth.
  • Try to use CFL bulbs instead of tube lights. This will keep your temperature stabilized and will save energy.
  • If talking about pollution, then we can use public transport instead of the private vehicle. This will save fuel, avoids extra pollution and will aid in traffic.
  • Always be natural as much as possible. You can use natural sunlight during daytime instead of tube lights etc. This will gift you Vitamin D and will also make your surroundings hygienic and free from microorganisms.
  • Use stairs instead of lifts and escalators. This will save energy and will keep you fit.

So, these were some methods that will help you to serve mother earth and will give you a fit life. We can use simple methods to bring a great change. Only the thing we need is to be conscious of our earth. Think earth as your home and care about it. Be eco-friendly.

All of us, let us join hands together and take it as the agenda to save our Mother Earth. There is no such good and the lively planet in the universe, other than the Earth to live in.

Each one can do a bit so that our upcoming generations will get a green and safe earth to live in.

Hope this post was inspirational and nice one. Share your views with us and share it with all your friends.

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