Benefits of offering water to Sun Scientific reason and Procedure

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Sun is the only evident God, which we can see and feel its energy. Sun is the source of life. Without the sun, life is impossible. In our ancient scriptures, it is widely mentioned about offering water to the Sun. Let’s see this broadly and in a descriptive way.

!!Om Suryay Namah!!

Sanatan Hindu Dharma or Hinduism is the ancient of all. There are many traditions and regulations in our culture which has its own scientific and virtual aspects.

Hindu Dharma is linked with Science:

In this modern era, we people see tradition as a joke or backwardness! But we should know, whatever is mentioned in our ancient Vedas and scriptures, all has their own scientific reasons and benefits.

Bells in temples, aarti, chanamrit as prashad, sandhya dhoop and all such are the customs and tradition of Hindu culture. Modern teens think it as the superstitions and backwardness. For those who think so, can you answer, ‘Why our grandparents were so healthy and long living as compared to today?’, ‘Why their longevity and intellect was stronger than us?’.

All these proves, there are some interlinking of our habits and traditions that we perform in our day to day life.

Today we will be talking about Sun as God; offering water and its benefits from every aspects.

Sun is the source of energy! It is about 15 crores kms away from our earth, and it talks about 8 minutes 30 seconds for the sunlight to reach our Earth.

How to offer Water to Sun?

offering water to Sun, water to surya, offering water to the sun, surya water
offering water to sun

In our dharma, there is mentioned about the correct method to offer water to the sun. One who follows the method correctly can obtain maximum benefits and happiness.

  • Offering water to sun early morning (between 2 hours after rising), is the best time to get maximum benefits.
  • Take bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Take a copper pot or ‘kalash’ and fill half with clean water.
  • Now facing towards east, offer water to sun. Make sure the falling water don’t touch your feet.
  • Try to feel and see the sunrays emerging from between of dropping water.
  • Subconsciously in your mind, pray Sun God and feel as you are bathing sun.
  • You can also add some gur and rice grains to the water.

How offering water to the sun is beneficial for us?

offering water to Sun, water to surya, offering water to the sun, surya water
surya namaskara

Now a question arises, how offering water to Sun is beneficial for us? Reasearchers found in their studies that our body is like a light pyramid, it needs energy to stay working and alive.

When we offer water to sun and see its light from the water, we entraps the cosmic energy that flow in this universe. It keeps us disease-free and also improves concentration.

One should also perform Surya Namaskar early morningqwa

Health benefits of offering water to the Sun?

offering water to Sun, water to surya, offering water to the sun, surya water
sun as the source of energy
  1. When you see the sunlight that emerges between water, it increases your eyesight.
  2. It has been proven by doctors and scientists, that the sunlight that falls in your body in the first 2 hours of sunrise, is actually medicinal. Sunbath helps to cure many ailments like heart problems, eye problems, jaundice, spine deformity and low immunity.
  3. It balances the ‘aura’ in your body, that keeps the body colors balanced which helps to keep yourself healthy.
  4. It has been proved if the colours; by which our body is made, is in right and definite proportion, then our body is always healthy and disease free.
  5. Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D which keeps our bones strong.
  6. It generates positive vibes in our body, which in turn improves our memory, concentration and whole-being.
  7. Sun is the direct source of energy and power. One who offers water and do Surya Namaskar early in the morning, they are always healthy and mentally fit.

From the view of Astrology:

  • From the view of astrology, worshipping Sun and bowing to him is a remedy or those who have Surya dosh in their kundalini.
  • One who regularly offer prayers and argh to Sun, their confidence is increased and thus no tantrik kriyas and black magic can work on the person.
  • Astrologers say, if you always worship Sun god with the whole heart, you will always be happy and prosperity will always come by you.
  • It is also a part of kundalini Jagran which retains your memory and unlocks the treasure of concentration in your body.

So in this way we saw what are the amazing things that can happen in your life if you offer water to Sun.


We are not here to force you or feel superior about Hinduism, neither we are spreading any difference between religion. Even if you don’t believe God, this procedure is far away from such.

All the living beings are made of energy, and ofcourse there is some energy working which is keeping you alive every single day, isn’t it!

Just believe in that eternal power, by which we are breathing! By this belief when you offer argh to Sun, you can attract universal energy in you.

Hope this post was knowledgeable for all. Share this to all you friends and family and do share your views with us. Take care and live well!

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