Keep your Woolens fresh and hygienic all around the Winters

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Woolen clothes are the basic need of chilling and freezing winter season. Everyone likes to enjoy winters with soft, colorful, bright and cute woolen cloths. Today we will be telling you how to keep woolens fresh and living all around the winters.

Probably, winter starts from October and ends till March. During the period of time, surroundings seem to be frost and shivering. Soft woolens help us to be protected from those chilling winds and icy season.

knitting yarn
knitting yarn

But when it comes about its care and preservation of woolens, many of the faces turns fade and dumb. The reason is; maintenance and care of woolens are quite tougher than regular cloths.

The stains are very tough and extra scrubbing damages the wool fiber. Regular dry cleaning is very expensive and problematic too.

Wool is an animal product majorly obtained from sheep and other cattle. Improper care of woolens is very bad for health too. If the woolen fibers are damaged then it irritates your skin developing many kinds of dermal problems.


You must have observed; after every wash your woolen clothes gets fade, extra large, shrink or itchy in texture. Why is it so? This year let’s increase the life expectancy of our woolens too!

Your woolens are going to thank you for proper care and maintenance. Not only this, with all these; you are going to contribute to a good health too. Here we go:-

Cleaning tips for Woolen cloths:

washing woolen dress
washing woolen dress
  1. Best way of cleaning-

    If you want to wash your woolens then preferably; soak it in cold water for a couple of minutes. Avoid using hot water for cleansing purpose.

    Actually, hot water damages the woolen fiber making it look shrinking and fade in color. Now, use some woolen detergent or soft liquids. Never use harsh detergents for woolens. If you don’t posses soft liquid then you can also use any shampoo; preferably baby shampoo.

    Don’t scrub the cloth; instead of that with soft hands rub it and soak in water. By doing this, you can easily clean your cloth maintaining its color and texture.

  2. Cleansing of stains-

    This case is mostly seen among kids. It’s really a headache to erase stains from woolen clothes. You can erase the stains of beverages or curries by using wet sponge or tissue paper.

    If there are some hard greasy stains then without wasting a second; sprinkle some powder over it. This will absorb the oil content making the cleaning easy.

    You can also use some curd for cleaning; and to erase the soil stains soak the cloth into water. This will loosen the stain particles; helping you for easy cleaning.

  3. Dont’s for woolen clothes-

    There are many things that can make your woolens unattractive. Woolen clothes are 5 times sensitive than normal fabrics. In order to keep them alive; you should be very conscious and caring.

    Using hot water, extra scrubbing, blowing, harsh detergents are the major enemies of woolen clothes. Soak your clothes then wash it with soft hands; this is the best way of cleaning. Don’t use washing machine for woolens; if you are liable to use the washing machine then avoid excess rotation.

  4. Preserve your woolens for a fresh look-

    Now it’s time to say bye bye to the winters. It is obvious that everyone wills a proper care of woolens that will keep them fresh till another winter. Now it’s time to preserve them well. If you are not conscious for its proper preservation than germs and infections will start trimming your clothes.

    Wash and dry your woolens wholly before packaging. You can use airtight plastic bags or zipper bags for it. Use some neem leaves or naphthalene balls for proper care. Next year, while using it hang your woolen clothes in bright sun. This will make your cloths look fresh and new.

Cosmetologists’ advice for woolens:-

woolen dress
woolen dress

According to dermatologists and cosmetologists, winter season is the suitable season for pathogenic attacks and several ailments. Although, harsh and dirty woolens the best medium for the spread of ailments.

Many of us are upset as they suffer from maladies and are not able to enjoy winters and its unique fashion. Skin rashes, suffocation, arthritis pain are common.

For dry skin and bad quality of woolens can increase the allergy. During winters, proper hygiene is very important. Due to the deposition of dead skin cells, the problems are raised.

Winter season is full of magic. The magical snowy surrounding is very elegant and lovely. You can enjoy the season only when you are healthy and in jolly mood. So guys, take care live healthy!

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