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house lizards

5 Simpler ways to get rid of House Lizards

Yikes, house lizards! Nome of us likes house lizards, they are such the hateable reptiles which makes us feel awkward and frustrated. Unknowingly, lizards enters our home and makes it a kind of lizard...

Kick out Cockroaches from your home with this simple preparation

Cockroaches are those unwanted insect/pests at your home which spread numerous diseases. They are one of the primary conveyors of harmful microorganisms. Today we will be telling you a simple preparation with boric acid...
eye puffiness remedies

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Puffiness

Many of us wake up daily with puffiness around our eyes. The swelling of tissues under the eyes is known as puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are the result of fluid accumulation in the surrounding...
W pose

Never let your kids sit in ‘W’ pose, here’s why

Kids love sitting in 'W' pose. It is the most comfortable and eased position for them.  Do you know that, sitting in W pose can be bad for your kids in future references! Yes,...