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Refined Sugar

5 Reasons why refined Sugar can be bad for you

Sweet dishes signifies happiness, celebration and joy. But do you know, the basic element of these dishes is self a 'sweet-poison'! Yes, we are talking about Sugar. Today we will be giving you some...
Mosquito repellent machine

Go Green with Eco-friendly Mosquito Repellent machine

To stay protected from mosquitoes, we waste a huge sum of money in mosquito repellents, machines, creams and many more. Now, make your own mosquito repellent at home and keep your family away from...
Chicken adulteration

Do you know your Chicken may contain Cancer causing Arsenic in it

Love Chicken wings, chicken tandoori etc. Here is a scary news for you guys. Your mouth-watering chicken may contain cancer causing factors in it. This is not a guessing from us, now FDA also...
Acupressure points

10 Acupressure points to treat Body Pains

In our day-to-day lives, we suffer from different body pains which can be quite aggressive too. Many times, they are so hectic and makes us feel as a patient! Today we will be telling...