Understand common medical Abbreviations that every doctor uses

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Ever visited to an allopath doctor, just try to read out his/her prescription! You will find a lot of words which will feel very different and you will not be able to read it. Those are called medical abbreviations. Today we will be describing you some of the very common abbreviations, that every doctor uses.

Wondering why you can’t read what the doctor wrote on your prescription? Ever see the doctor’s notes in your medical record and found peculiar abbreviations and jargon? Doctors commonly use a variety of abbreviations in order to rapidly and succinctly record information about, and give instructions to, their patients.

Here we are giving you a list of those abbreviations, that doctor uses in every prescription and in day-to-day lives. Try to learn these and when you will read some prescription, everyone will find that you also have some doctor quality in you.

medical Abbreviations
medical Abbreviations

Medical abbreviations that every doctor uses:

  • Rx- Treatment

  • Hx- History

  • Dx- Diagnosis

  • q- every

  • qd- every day

  • qod- every other day

  • qh- every hour

  • S- without

  • SS- one and half

  • C- with

  • SOS- if needed

  • AC- before meals

  • PC- after meals

  • BID- twice a day

  • TID- thrice a day

  • QID- four times a day

  • OD- Once a day

  • BT- bed time

  • BBF- Before breakfast

  • BD- before dinner

  • Tw- twice a week

  • SQ- sub cutaneous

  • IM- Intramuscular

  • ID- Intradermal

  • IV- Intravenous

  • QAM- (every morning)

  • QPM- (Every night)

  • Q4H- (every four hours)

  • HS- (at bedtime)

  • PRN- (as needed)

  • AC- before meals

  • PC- after meals

  • Mg- milligrams

  • Mcg/ug- micrograms

  • G or Gm- (grams)

  • 1 TSF- (teaspoon)= 5 ml

  • 1 Tablespoon= 15 ml

These were those common medical abbreviations that every allopathic doctor uses. This is a kind of general knowledge, that everyone should know. Afterall, good knowledge never does harm. Take care and live well.

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