Everything You Need To Know About Eye Puffiness

eye puffiness remedies
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Many of us wake up daily with puffiness around our eyes. The swelling of tissues under the eyes is known as puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are the result of fluid accumulation in the surrounding tissue of the eyes. These are also known as eye bags. Almost everyone has experienced puffiness once in their lives. If you are curious to know the reasons for it and are searching for home remedies to get rid of the puffiness then, here you go.

What causes eye puffiness? 

puffy eyes home remedies

There are several reasons which can cause puffiness. These are:

  • Infection of the tear gland or eyelash follicle which is commonly known as style.
  • Eye injury.
  • Taking a high salt diet.
  • Ailments related to thyroid.
  • Allergies.
  • Age. Eye bags may appear as the result of a natural aging process that causes loss of firmness in eye muscle 
  • Sometimes blockage of oil glands can cause eye puffiness. 
  • Conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of eye puffiness? 

You can notice eye bags by simply looking at your eyes. The symptom is swelling under or over the eyelids. Swelling can also be noticed under the eyes. 

Home remedies for Puffy eyes 

If you experience eye bags very often, then there are several ways to get rid of it. There are several home remedies to combat eye bags. Some of these are- 

Cold compress

Using anything cold like ice cubes or frozen cucumber over the eyes can help you to cope with eye puffiness. This process reduces the inflammation by constricting the blood vessels in that area. In simpler words, it shrinks the blood vessels and thus reduces swelling. 

For this remedy, you can also use a clean chilled water-dipped cloth. Keep this for a few minutes. 


Potatoes not only can be used to make yummy dishes but can also help you with puffy eyes as well. They are rich in vitamin C and are helpful in the synthesis of collagen. 

In this remedy, potato juice is used. You can try this by grating potatoes and applying their juice over the puffy area. Keep this for 10- 15 minutes and afterward rinse it off. 

Aloe vera

This herb needs no introduction as it’s effective against many ailments. Applying aloe vera is effective in puffy eyes which result from aging.

You can simply apply aloe vera gel over that area by mixing it with a few drops of lemon juice or olive oil. 

Green tea

You must have heard that green tea is rich in antioxidants but to your surprise, it is rich in tannins and caffeine as well. Because of this, green tea is effective in subsiding puffy eyes. Caffeine helps to improve blood circulation while tannins may constrict body tissues. 

 For puffy eyes, you can use refrigerated tea bags. So from now onwards, don’t throw them away. 

Dietary changes:

What we eat is reflected in our bodies. So we should always eat healthy and keep our bodies hydrated. Increase your intake of potassium in your daily diet. Eat more green leafy vegetables, yogurt, beans, and many more foods. Potassium prevents water retention by reducing excessive body fluids. 

Avoid processed food and cut down sodium intake. Sodium causes water retention which may further cause puffiness of the eyes.

Summary: The bottom line

Puffiness may sometimes hinder day-to-day activities. Anyone can experience puffiness of the eyes as there are several reasons for this. If your puffiness doesn’t get away within two or three days, or you notice symptoms like deteriorating or blurred vision, pain in your eyes, or feeling like something is stuck in your eyes; then you should seek a doctor. You can also prevent puffiness of the eyes by keeping yourself hydrated, eating healthy, and getting sufficient sleep. Also, avoid smoking and alcohol. 

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