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Calendula Health Benefits

Calendula Benefits – 10+ Proven Calendula Health Benefits

Calendula is a beautiful flower that is grown in many parts of the world. Apart from making our gardens appear glorious, calendula can be used as a medicine as well. This flower can be...
Health benefits of mimosa pudica

10 Health benefits of Sensitive plant

Shying is the nature of humans, intellectual animals, and many birds. But, have you ever heard a plant getting shy! It must be a new and confusing thing for you all. You must have...

Top 7 Most Effective Natural Antacids

Acidity is commonly used by individuals to suggest gastritis condition. Acidity implies hyperacidity meaning increased hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach leading to irritation of stomach inner lining known as gastric lining. Acid reflux...
punarnava herb

10 Surprising health benefits and uses of Punarnava Herb

Punarnava, is a very well-known herb in Ayurvedic culture. It is known for its medicinal benefits and uses. These kinds of herbs are simply miracle in itself and very useful. Today we will be...