7 Miraculous Aak leaves benefits to treat Diabetes and Obesity

Aak Leaves
Aak Leaves for diabetes and obesity
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Aak leaves benefits: Diseases are liked by none and are good for nothing. Even when some suffer from any kind of disease, they don’t like to get medicated with oral or injectable kind of things. So then what to be done! Hey guys, cheer up today we will be telling you a very different remedy to treat Diabetes and Obesity using Aka leaves.

aak leaves for diabetes
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Aak plant tree benefit for diabetic and obesity

Can there be anything that could heal the thing with just the touch? Rubbish thing, right! But it is true. All of you must have heard about ‘Aak leaves’. It is known by many names like Akwan, Madar, Swallow wort, and many more. For many of us, it is a poisonous plant but it is not so.

Simply be said as miracle leaves. It has the capability to treat Diabetes and Obesity (Heavy tummy), with just the simple touch. Today we will be talking about the same.

Aak leaves benefits:

Aak plants are found everywhere in different species. It bears bluish-white flowers with thorny fruits. It has many religious aspects, as the flowers and fruits are used in the worshiping of Lord Shiva. Well, let us talk how Aak leaves can treat Obesity and Diabetes.

  1. Begin by carefully selecting two complete leaves from the Aak plant, ensuring they are intact and healthy.
  2. Examine the leaves and identify the slightly rougher side, which will be placed against the soles of your feet.
  3. Take one leaf and gently place it on the sole of one foot, making sure it covers the entire surface.
  4. Repeat the same process with the second leaf on your other foot, ensuring both leaves are snugly in contact with the soles.
  5. Allow these Aak leaves to remain in position throughout the entire day, providing ample time for their potential effects to take place. Before bedtime, carefully remove the leaves from your feet and proceed to cleanse your legs thoroughly.
  6. For the next week, continue this regimen by replacing the used leaves with fresh ones each day, maintaining the contact between the leaves and your soles consistently.
  7. Following the week-long duration of this practice, it is advisable to schedule a blood sugar checkup with a qualified healthcare provider to assess any potential changes in your blood sugar levels.

Please remember that the effectiveness of this method is not scientifically proven, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for proper guidance regarding blood sugar management.

You will be amazed! The results will be all normal, or it would be balanced for more than your expectations. It also helps to keep your inflated tummy fit. So, was it a miracle or not.

Scientific base of using Aak leaves for diabetes

aak leaves
Akwan flower also called akwan ka phool

Very curious mind asks the question ‘how’. It is good thing. You must be getting curious to know how actually leaves helps to lower blood glucose. According to an experiment done in rats, they found that the leaves and the flowers were effective to lower down serum glucose. The administration of leaf and flower extracts to streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats showed a significant reduction in serum glucose levels.

It is concluded that chloroform extracts of Calotropis gigantea leaves and flowers have significant anti-diabetic activity.

Precautions for Aak Plants:

The milk oozing from Aak plants are poisonous. Don’t allow it to go inside your eyes, otherwise it can damage your sight.

If you are diabetic patient or fed up of unhealthy body, then must give it a try. May be it can help you. Take care and Live well!

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