Health Benefits of using spices


Spices are considered as one of the most important ingredient of our daily food stuffs. Most of the spices are obtained from bark, roots, buds, leaves and twigs of spice plant. Beside used as a condiment, there are vast uses of spices. Its aromatic fragrance is beneficial for those suffering from depression. Its relaxing smell acts no more than yoga and makes you mentally relaxed.
All of us are fond of spicy and tangy food; when it comes about having boiled and dieting food all of us wills to get those tasty and aromatic foods. This is the magic of spices; that in no time makes you fan of their taste.
Since from childhood, we have come learning that spicy food is hazardous for health, these foods are the root cause of menace cum ailments. Yes I agree, but excessive intake is hazardous; limited and appropriate amount of spices are good for health.

If you are liable of using spices in fresh and appropriate amount, it has medicinal effects on you. These herbs and spices have anti-bacterial and antiviral properties in it. Not only this, as fruits and veggies is these spices are rich in health benefits as these stabilizes the cholesterol level, aids in Type-2 diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, beauty remedy and so on.

These delicious, yummy and aromatic spices are habituated by us. Without these tangy, sour and flavouring ingredients our food stuffs are not completed. Just imagine gravy curry without spices, our delicious pizza, chips, samosas etc without spices. After thinking all these, a fade lone and discoloured portrait of food items appears in our mind. Following are the five commonly used spices and their benefits. Let’s have a look:-


  1. all rounder Turmeric
    all rounder Turmeric

    Turmeric– This is one of the most common spices found in almost all the Indian kitchens. Turmeric is the root part of that turmeric plant that belongs to the kingdom Plantae and Zingiberaceae family. Its binomial name is “Curcuma long”. It is a orange yellow coloured Indian spice that is one of the important ingredient of Indian cuisine that gives colour and taste to your food. It is also called ‘Traditional medicine’ that is eligible for curing many kinds of minor as well as major kinds of ailments.

    Turmeric is good for curing allergies, cold, headache, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, jaundice, menstrual cramps, neural disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and so on. Besides used as medicinal factor, turmeric is also a key ingredient of good luck and fate. You must have seen, in Indian culture and ceremonies like marriage; turmeric i.e., haldi is widely used. Its yellowish colour signifies sun and provides you mental gratitude and luck fate.Turmeric is also a very good remedy for curing cancers, it distracts the growth of carcinogens in your body thus removes the risk of cancer.

    Intake of turmeric powder with warm milk is effective during winters. It enhances your immunity and keeps you internally strong and warm. Turmeric is rich in anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. It is also good for your skin and hairs. Turmeric powder acts as a natural facial pack. It aids in pimples, acne, blemishes and all kinds of dermal problems. Thus include a proper amount of turmeric in your daily diet and keep your body metabolism healthy and fit.

  2. benefits of using Cinnamon
    benefits of using Cinnamon

    Cinnamon- This spice is obtained from the bark of evergreen cinnamon tree. Cinnamon belongs to kingdom Plantae and Lauraceae family. Its binomial name is “Cinnamomum cassia”. This brown coloured spice is found in two types i.e., stick bark form and powdered form. Whether it is powder or stick; this very spice has a very sweet, pungent and aromatic fragrance. It is used in cooking curries, non-vegetarian items, beverages,biryani and many other dishes.

    The oil extracted from cinnamon is widely used in manufacture of cosmetics, mouthwashes, toothpaste, cleansing products etc.Cinnamon is also called “Chinese medicine”. It has many health benefits like it is good to stabilize blood sugar, blood pressure and aids in lowering cholesterol level. This spice is rich in anti-fungal properties and aids in bowel movement. It is a natural remedy for weight loss. This spice is capable for curing indigestion, headaches, migraine and many other ailments.

    Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants hence protects your body from pathogenic radicals and boosts your metabolism. It also acts as analgesics hence relieve pain and arthritis/osteoporosis problems.It is also able for clearing up urinary-tract ailments and cures fungal infections responsible for gastrointestinal disorders.

  3. eat Black pepper
    eat Black pepper

    Black pepper This is a round shaped peppercorns that has sour and pungent flavor. Black pepper belongs to kingdom Plantae and Piperaceae family. Its binomial name is “Piper nigrum”. Pepper is small spices that is green coloured when unripe; it turns to white when the fruit seed is ripe and finally it turns to black after dried and able to use.

    This time when the peppercorn becomes black, its texture turns hard. Black pepper is very effective in curing ailments like colon cancer, skin cancer, diarrhoea, constipation, cough, depression and so on. It is also known as “King of spice”. Black pepper is rich in potassium, zinc, calcium, manganese, pyridoxine, Vitamin A, C, K, E, antioxidants, copper, lycopene, beta-carotene etc. Black pepper is very good for skin health too. Its regular intake acts as a body detoxifier hence gifts you a clear, glowing and radiant skin.

  4. Cloves scented spices
    Cloves scented spices

    Cloves– It is the flowering bud of clove plant. The flower is dried and hence this black spice is formed. The flower is crimson pink in color and the spice formed is black and hard. Cloves belong to kingdom Plantae and Myrtaceae family. Its binomial name is “Syzygium aromaticum”. Cloves contain a chemical eugenol that proves it the strong and aromatic taste.It is also used in Indian ayurvedic medicine for curing several types of illness.

    These are small tiny spices but are a huge treasure of health. Cloves have anti-bacterial, antiseptic and analgesic property. Cloves are best for the cure and preventing toothaches, gum problems, vomiting, inflammation, cough, cold and so on. This spice of available throughout the year.

    Cloves are rich in iron, manganese, dietary fibers, niacin, potassium etc.Cloves are very effective during winters and it keeps you warm internally. These are also good for blood clotting and formation of red blood cells.

  5. Saffron costly spices
    Saffron costly spices

    Saffron- This is a sweet- aromatic spice cum topping derived from a flower called Crocus sativus’. Saffron is a red- orange thread like spice which belongs to kingdom Plantae and Iridaceae family. Its binomial name is “Crocus sativus”. Saffron is used in many kinds such as garnishing in kheer, sewai, halwa, spice, beverages, sweet condiment and so on.It is also used in mouth fresheners. It is a very rare and expensive one.

    It gives a great taste and colour to the food. Saffron contains many medicinal properties in it and builds up immunity. Also it is rich in antioxidants, lycopene, iron, minerals, and dietary fibres and. Saffron is also effective for those suffering from liver disorders, kidney stones, acidity, arthritis, cataracts, depression, and constipation.As the saffron is great in taste, similarly it is rich in beauty benefits too. Saffron acts as a tone refiner; it lightens your skin and makes them glowing and beautiful.

    Saffron is also used in spa, massage and for therapeutic use. Its lingering and aromatic fragrance heels all your tensions, depression and stress. It makes you feel relaxed and peace-minded. Not only this, saffron is also good to keep your heart health and free from pathogens.

So, in this way we saw numerous benefits of spices. Intake of spices and its consumption is not alone the usable methods. But its fragrance also heals a lot. That is why fragrance flowers and spices are commonly used in aroma therapy. Our earth has given us a lot of valuable things, the thing we just need is to value them. So guys, respect nature and live prosperous.

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