6 health benefits of eating Gulkand(Rose petal jam)

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All of us are fond of attractive and beautiful flowers. Not only human beings; but animals, birds and insects all fascinates to flowers. Insects suck nectar from flowers which produce honey. When we talk about flowers, 9 out of 10 are liable to think about roses. A beautiful portrait of rose or a bunch of roses appears in our mind. We will talk about health benefits of eating gulkand.

Roses are the most liked and beautiful flower. It is also called s “King of flowers”. Roses are the medium to communicate emotions like love, sorrow, friendship, faithfulness, grief, joy and many more. Beside its beauty and fragrance, rose is a very useful flower in Ayurveda science. Because of hypnotizing and aromatic fragrance roses are used in spa and aroma therapy. Ayurveda is the traditional form of healing which implies natural methods and ingredients.

Colored Roses
Colored Roses

Here, we will be talking about one of the most important Ayurvedic remedy/sweet prepared with roses. This is no other than ‘Gulkand’ or ‘Rose petal jam’. The literal meaning of gulkand is; gul= rose; kand=sweet. That means rose sweet. This is a dessert kind of item which is used to treat several ailments. Don’t be so serious guys; just take this rose petal jam as a simple fruity jam. As the fruity jam is enriched with fruits similarly this is enriched with rose petals. In ayurveda field, roses are best known for its therapeutic use and cooling effect.

Health benefits of eating gulkand
rose petal jam

You must have seen rose petals are used to garnish many dessert items like thandai, puddings, cakes and many others. Not only this, rose water is a major ingredient to prepare rose flavour shakes and drinks. Gulkand is used in many ways. It is used to prepare rose milk, garnishing, rose pie etc. Gulkand is available at many confectionery stores and ayurvedic markets. Instead of purchasing, you can prepare your own gulkand at home.

How to make Gulkand. Let’s have a look:-

  1. Take about 20 pink roses and wash them neatly. Pluck out all the petals and keep them in a glass container or china clay container. You can use some different color of roses as the end product will be of same colour.
  2. Now add jaggery or granule sugar in it. The amount of petals and sugar should be same. Using a spoon crush them together so that the rose petal gets translucent and sugar becomes pinkish.
  3. You can add some cardamom powder if desired.
  4. Keep this container in sunlight for 6-7 days so that the ample amount of heat enters into the jar. You will notice gradually the petals will get shrink and melt.
  5. After that, keep the container in room temperature for 4-5 days.
  6. After that using a straining net; strain the entire rose residue and transfer the thick greasy liquid the same container.
  7. Keep the container stable for 4 days. Now, check the jelly formation and your gulkand is ready.
  8. You can also use other method in which there is no need to strain the rose residue. Just you need to put the container again in sunlight for more 6 days. The rose petals will get dissolved .

This very jam has a very sweet smell with a tempting flavor. Gulkand is used in paans, topping in several sweets, milkshakes, jam in bread etc. Majorly gulkand is used during summers as a body hydrate. According to Ayurveda, gulkand is not only yummy but also a jelly of vast health benefits.

Health benefits :

  1. Gulkand is very useful to treat body odour and excessive perspiration. It detoxifies your body from inside and its cooling effect prevents internal heat during summers.
  2. Useful for those suffering from dermal diseases like scabs, itching, boils, blisters, wrinkles, acne and many more. It is a natural anti-aging treatment.
  3. Gulkand is rich in antioxidants thus acts as an energy booster. The regular intake of gulkand aids in severe ulcers, constipation, stomach heat and heart burning and strengthens the liver.
  4. During summers, gulkand is advisable because it protects you from sun strokes, nostril bleeding and dizziness.
  5. Gulkand aids in heavy menstruation. During periods, gulkand is a very essential diet. It prevents irregular periods and excessive bleeding. It provides you glucose potential that keeps you energetic and prevents anaemia.
  6. Gulkand is regarded as the health tonic that keeps your metabolism healthy and fit.

So in this way, we came to know about numerous benefits of gulkand. It is a natural appetizer without any side effects. Due to its richness in sweetener, it is not safe for diabetic patients.

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Friends, always try to go natural. Natural intake will not only keep you fit and devoid of side effects but will also give you self-satisfaction that you have used an Indian product. This will motivate others to use Indian products as much as possible. Your one step will contribute to make Indian a developed nation. So, Eat healthy and live prosperous.


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