Yogasana for full body flexibility: Chakrasana

Yogasanas are something in which your body moves in different positions, for several benefits. Today we will be talking about a Yoga pose, which is meant to make your full body flexible. It is...

Reduce your waistline fat with Triangle pose- Trikonasana

Slimmer waist is the sign of fitness and healthy body. When our body starts gaining unhealthy weight, then the waist area gets bulge the first. Today we will be telling you about a yogasana...
International Yoga Day celebration

Let’s shake hands to make Yoga Day successful- Yoga Day 2016

So it's the eve of International Yoga Day! Let us all shake hands, to make this day successful and achieve the motive of a 'Healthy Nation'. Not rejoice it by simpler movements, but feel...

Strengthen your abdominal muscles with- Naukasana

A slim fit waist is liked by all. None of us wants it bulge and fatty. On this very eve of Yoga day, let us talk about an yogasana which will balance your body...