Awake the Treasure of Gems inside your body: Kundalini Jagran

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Human body is the perfect creation of nature. We even don’t know, there are so many gems (energies) hidden inside our body. To unlock these treasures, the best way is called Kundalini Jagran. Hey guys, today we will be talking about the basic things that one should know about Kundalini Jagran. 

The post will be in simpler language, so that everyone could understand it and can be implied in their own self.

Do you know what makes great saints and mahatmas different from normal people? They have a wise thinking, controlled or no anger. All these are due to their all the seven chakras inside the body is awakened! 

Awakening of these chakras is called ‘Kundalini Jagran‘. 

There is a heap of treasure inside a human body. One who attains these gem kind of energies, visualizes all the earthy matters in a divine way. Their thinking, knowledge everything becomes as superior like ‘Brahma’.

Just think you are in a dark room, you will always feel it dark till you haven’t discovered there are light bulbs and switches, which can fill the room with light. Same is with your body. The gems in our body is in sleeping state, which needs to be awakened.

How Kundalini Jagran got its name?

Kundalini Jagran
Kundalini Jagran

You must have seen many famous and big temples, with some treasure inside. There will be a image of sitting serpent in kundali position. Till the serpent is on the entry gate, you can’t go inside and touch the treasure.

Same is with our body! It is like a serpent of ignorance is sitting and not allowing the gems to be awakened. Kundalini jagran means to remove that stupidity form of serpent and attain the divinity, which you already have.

Seven Chakras  of Divinity:

We will be explaining it in simple words, as it just for basic knowledge. The explained one will be posting soon afterwards.

chakras of kundalini jagran
chakras of kundalini jagran

1. Muladhar chakra-

It is the first chakra, which is situated just below the kidneys, at the base of the spine. ​It can also be said as the root chakra.

2. Svadhishthana chakra-

Svadhishthana is located little above the Muladhara chakra, i.e. in front of the body just below the belly button. It is also called sacral chakra.

3. Manipura chakra-

Manipura chakra is located just behind the navel at solar plexus region. It is related with eyesight and the power of digestion. One who awakes it get the power and capacity to save or detroy the world.

4. Anahata- chakra-

It is also been described in upanishads, as the divine way for immortality. It is situated right on our heart and considered with sense of touch and feel

5. Visuddha chakra-

It is situated in our throat and can also be said as purification centre. One who awakes it  gets freed from all the three realms of world and attains positivity.

6. Agya Chakra-

It is situated in between of the two eyebrows, where we put tilak. It can also be called third eye, and depicts intelligence.

7. Sahasrasra chakra-

It is like the crown of your head which is the last point of Kundalini yoga system. It is also called ‘Brahma dwar’.

These were the 7 chakras of Kundalini jagran. Now, how to awake these! There is no need to go to Himalayas or other places, you can do it at your home with a normal living.

How to carry out Kundalini Jagran?

  1. First of all, you need to sit either in Siddhasana or Vajrasana position.
  2. Keep your spine straight and erect.
  3. Now you need to meditate deeply so that no earthly matter can distract you.
  4. It will take time and patience, but if you do it under the guidance of some teacher it will be awakened sooner and in efficient manner.

One who awakes all the chakras of their body, gets equal to that of divine power. You too try the Kundalini Jagran and workout in every manner you can.

Hope you like the post. Share this to all your friends and relatives. Do share your experince with us. Take care and live well!

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