You can Meditate While Cycling


Did you know that you can easily meditate while cycling? While it appears there is some risk of losing your concentration, cycling presents a perfect chance for medication without compromising your safety in any way.

Cycling is ideal for giving you many moments of complete relaxation, emptying your mind of any thoughts, while at the same time maintaining complete awareness of your external environment.

If you are wondering how to meditate while cycling, here is how you can do it.

Recognise and accept feelings and emotions

Before doing meditation combined with any exercise such as cycling, it is good to practice Pranayama which makes your mind completely calm and focused.  If you have any feelings of sadness, frustration, or tension, and anxiety, recognize these as a normal part of life. Likewise, if you have any emotions of happiness or excitement, accept these too as a part of life. Touch your chest with your hands as if you are gently embracing yourself. Be kind to yourself, as you would be to others who have the same emotions. But for now, visualize you place these emotions aside for a while, knowing that it is perfectly normal to take them on again later in the day.

Prepare your body

While standing do some simple stretch exercises to stimulate your blood flow. Start with doing some leg swings, cat-cow stretches, and heel toe walks. These exercises will not only prepare the body for cycling but also improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain; something very essential for meditation. Then just before heading out, visualize a safe and enjoyable ride while taking several deep breaths.

Prepare your Bike

When riding your bike you have to image it is an extension of your body. It is therefore essential that you prepare it in a similar way you prepare your body and mind. Start by checking your bike to make sure it is in good shape. Before jumping onto it, examine the breaks to see if they are working properly. Ensure the tires have the right pressure and they do not have any wear that can affect your safety. If you are using a bike with a motor, like the Gtech eBike, slide your hands over the bike’s battery and imagine you feel the power it has to carry you when you choose not to cycle.

meditate while cycling

While on the ride

Remember meditation will involve you being present in the moment and staying focused on your breathing, your bike, and the world around you.

  • Focus on the sense of the flow of air going on through you as you cycle

No matter what the surroundings are, a peaceful country road or a busy street, stay focused on what is going on through you. Synchronize your breathing with your bike.

  • Focus on how the Gtech bike is boosting your movement

Be mindful of every stroke you make and be aware of how your leg muscles work to produce a smooth movement. Then feel the extra power you get from the bike itself. Experience a sense of gratefulness and be mindful of living in a loving and supportive universe.

  • Focus on your breathing

You are probably going to notice there are moments you run out of breath while you workout or you may notice pauses in your breath when you are going uphill. Accept these phases as normal. However, when your cycling is easy to bring your mind back to your breathing and take several slow deep breaths.

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Be aware of yourself and your surroundings all the time especially if you are cycling through traffic. It is ok to let yourself be distracted by, say, a nice car that just passed, but ensure you always bring your mind back to your cycling, breathing and complete mindfulness. If the connection between your mind, your body and surroundings are always focused on your present moment, there is no need to worry about the future or the past. What matters is the present moment, and that is when everything is alright.

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