Say Goodbye to Body pain for years with this Salt and Oil massage

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In older ages, 8 out of 10 suffer from body pain which is very hard and painful. Even after trying so hard, that pain is cured very rare. Today we will be discussing about Salt and Oil massage mixture which will silence body pain for several years. Isn’t it magical! Well let’s read the article and checkout.

Stiffed joints, paining body and hardening of muscles are the common signs of senescence. After getting older, our body loses its lubricant support which makes body pain to develop. Now only among older age person, pain and inflammation is common among all.

Why senescence people suffer from Body pain?

body pain
body pain

Here is a question tickling my mind, after getting old why people suffer from such pains which are intolerable? What can be the reason behind it. Science explains this very nicely. As our age increases, the lubricant thing found between joints and bones, starts getting diminished.

Due to this, exertion between bones is caused leading to harshness and low-calcium levels in bones. All these factors including diet and lifestyle, directly contributes to body pains.

What we do as treatment?

Generally, we use painkiller tablets, massaging ointments, joint belts etc to reduce the pain. But, those works only for a limited period and again pain is caused. Many suffering from severe pain, go for surgeries and other procedures which are good for none and unaffordable too.

Salt and oil massage mixture
Salt and oil massage mixture

Salt and Oil massage for Body pains:

Hey guys, let’s cheer up! Here we are with a very amazing remedy for pains, which only requires salt and oil. After using this, you will say ta ta goodbye to pains for several years. With this amazing remedy you will end pain caused by osteoporosis and other factors, and you will lower the level of experiencing pain in the next years.

Ingredients needed:

• 20 tablespoons of olive oil (or sunflower oil)
• 10 tablespoons of salt (preferably sea salt)

How to prepare the massage mixture?

  1. Mix the ingredients in a glass jar.
  2. Seal it and after 3 days you will notice a light mixture.


  • You can use the mixture by applying it on affected areas and massage it every morning.
  • The first massage should last for 3 minutes and slowly increase every day by 2 minutes, until you reach to 20 minutes.
  • After massaging, clean the body with a wet (but warm) towel.

What you should know before applying this mixture?

  1. By performing this treatment it is possible to get skin irritation, and that’s why you should clean your skin with a dry towel with baby powder on it.
  2. The treatment should last for 10 days.
  3. Since that time it will regenerate the cartilage muscle, bone tissue and improve blood circulation.
  4. This procedure also stabilizes blood circulation in the cervical spine, has a positive result on eyesight and eliminates headaches.
  5. And all this is possible because this massage is improving the elimination of toxins from our system.
  6. This natural osteoporosis treatment is free of side effects, and works effectively.
  7. But we must mention that some people may feel a little dizziness during this activity.

Anyone suffering from such pains, should must try this. Write your feedback to us and share if you like. Take care and live well!


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