Natural Body cleansing to get rid of Joint, neck and back pain

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Pains and inflammations are liked by none. It makes us feel uncomfortable and is very irritating too. For the instant cure, we opt for painkillers and analgesics; which are good for none. Today we will be telling you a natural body cleansing method which will be healing all kinds of joint, back and neck pain as well.

Can anybody of you say why pain affects our body? What can be the actual mechanism behind it. There is a very easy but specific process, behind it.

What causes pain in our body?

Toxins are the basic element which causes pain and inflammation. Toxins are the extracted thing produced by waste material in our body which causes a kind of gas induced in our body which finally result in pain. Toxins makes an environment of damp and greasy elements which lubricates our body organs, which causes pain to get more severe.

You can self-notice, when you crack or twist your neck, fingers, toes, ankles etc; an immediate relaxation is felt. This is nothing, but the release of that gas which was creating pain.

Now let us discuss about a natural body cleansing method. It is very easy to go on and also good in taste. You are going to love this trick and get freed from all sort of pains. We will be using a very simple ingredient from your kitchen, Brown rice. We all know the benefits and advantages of brown rice, but today we will be telling you how to use brown rice for body pains.

There are various methods of detoxification and successful ways of cleansing the body. But none are as effective as the detoxification of the body with brown rice.

Natural Body cleansing with brown rice:

Natural body cleansing
Natural body cleansing with brown rice
  • Use as much brown rice as you the count of your years. For example, if you are 30, use 30 tablespoons of brown rice.
  • Rinse it well and place it in a jar.
  • Pour in hot water, put the lid on and let it rest in your fridge.
  • Next morning, drain the liquid. Cook a tablespoon of rice for 3-4 minutes without adding any salt. Use regular water.
  • Eat your cooked rice before you eat or drink anything, preferably after you get up.
  • Pour hot water over the remaining rice in your jar and keep it in your fridge until next morning. The procedure is pretty much the same as the first time.
  • Repeat the cleansing treatment every day until you finish your rice.

For optimal results, nutritionists say that after eating your rice in the morning, you should not eat nor drink anything for at least 3 hours.

What is the secret behind natural body cleansing method?

The secret of this method is in the crystalline structure of rice grains. Soaking up rice removes starch and grains swell. In this way rice is digested in intestines, not in your stomach, so it acts as absorbent. This method enables intestines, blood vessels, joints and other parts of the body to release toxins, heavy metals and chemicals. Rice detox method regulates metabolism and weight. This treatment will make you look both healthier and younger.

How does the rice works so good?

Rice cleansing eliminates body aches, including back, neck and joint pain. It may take some time until you recover fully, as the results do not appear instantly. The cleansing process starts off within two weeks and you will sure notice it. Your body will excrete toxins through urine and feces. Do not panic if your urine changes its color and becomes blurry.

After you finish the rice-detox treatment, your body will start off its self-cleaning process which will last for a few months. Once the whole process finishes, you will be amazed with the results.

Remember, you should drink at least 2 liters of liquids every day. Water and green tea are the best option. This natural body cleansing is very good, but requires correct care and precautions. Take care and live well!


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