6 Household products that cause Cancer

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We all know that disease occur due to pathogens and pathogens appear when they receive moist climate. Many of us don’t know that due to some of us activities and household products; many dreadful diseases occur. Let us check what are those things and factors for disease.

In the present world everything we eat, we use, we apply all are mend with chemicals and some harsh things in it. Many times those products become so terrific that even has the potent to develop diseases. Yes we are talking about the highness of diseases called ‘Cancer’.

Cancer is the word which simply sounds death! We guys try a lot to stay away from this, but somehow these attacks us. Yes, there are many common things in your place which are the causative agents for Cancer. Have a look to the following and get the same.

Common household products that cause Cancer:-

1. Air fresheners-

Air fresheners of different types
Air fresheners of different types

Air fresheners are the very common things that we use on a daily basis. This trend is especially seen among metropolitan cities and all over the world. Not only in our homes, but we also use it in cars. The soothing fragrance makes us relaxed and happy; but we don’t know, this can also be a sweet poison. Yes, it is true! Most of the air fresheners contains some elements which can give rise to carcinogens. They may contain Acetaldehyde, Benzaldehyde, 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol, Methyl pyrrolidone, 1,4-Dichlorobenzene. These are quite poisonous and can affect your health harshly.

Most air fresheners are also loaded with other cancer-causing volatile organic compounds as well, which interfere with reproduction, respiration and cellular regeneration. A 2008 study conducted by Anne Steinemann at the University of Washington found that all air fresheners tested emitted chemicals known to be carcinogenic, meaning they cause cancer.

Instead of such artificial fresheners you can opt for fragrant candles, natural flowers, decoration with flowers etc. These are free from hazardous agents and are quite good for your health too.

2. Cosmetics-

cosmetics products
cosmetics products

In the present age, we guys are habituated of using cosmetics in a wide array. Cosmetics and beauty products are something which are like paint; and enhances your external complexion. Even if you use the high quality of cosmetics, still it may contain some hazardous elements in them. Your favorite cosmetics may contain

  • Antibacterials
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydroquinone
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Parabens
  • Phenylenediamine
  • Coal tar
  • Diethanolamine
  • 1,4-Dioxane
  • Nanoparticles
  • Petroleum distillates

These are highly potent to develop into carcinogens which are the cancer casing cells.

Hair dyes have been linked to cancer risks, but many other everyday cosmetics contain the carcinogens like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and 1,4-dioxane. Fragrances used in these products are particularly suspicious because their manufacturers do not even share their formula with the cosmetic product companies. Even those who claim to be natural or organic may not be all that safe.

3. Packed and Canned foods-

Products that cause Cancer
Canned food items

Everyone loves to enjoy fast foods such as chips, cookies and other canned items. They are brilliant in taste, but quite low in health promoting level.

Although the convenience of canned goods may be hard to resist, they are not particularly healthy and maybe even dangerous. Vacuum sealing in metal containers lined with plastic coating allayed fears of contamination with heavy metals from the cans as well as the use of harmful chemical preservatives, but it has raised new concerns. The plastic lining of Bisphenol A is implicated in hormonal disturbances and DNA changes that resulted in breast cancer.

You can simply use homemade products and those which promises to abide white flour, cholesterol and extra fats from your food.

4. Sunscreens-

Applying sunscreen on face
Applying sunscreen on face

We all are habituated to put sunscreen, especially during summer season. Sunscreens are available of different brands and companies. As we all know, these products are mostly made of chemicals and other compounds.

Awareness about the risks of skin cancer and premature aging from exposure to the UV rays from the sun has increased the use of sunscreens. But their diabolical nature is under scanner now. Zinc oxide, a common ingredient in sunscreens is known to produce free radicals which can cause DNA damage and trigger cancer growth. Benzophenone-3, also called oxybenzone, is another sunscreen ingredient that has a similar effect. Dermal absorption of this chemical is thought to be low, but it has been detected in the urine samples taken 5 days after use.

Instead of such things you can use natural products like coconut oil, aloe vera gel and so on. These are absolutely safe and in the reach and affordable by everyone.

5. Grilled and Burnt food items:-

Grilled and burnt food
Grilled and burnt food

When you visit some restaurants and barbecues, we all love to order grilled foods at the first. Grilled means, simply cooked over the flame which makes it cooked. After getting grilled, some black patches appear on the surface. It may be attractive for many, but can be the reason of your stomach problems.

When you grill food items, especially fish, chicken and meat, the slightly burnt and blackened areas provide a visual appeal as well as a smoky flavor that many of us find attractive. But they can increase your risk of stomach, colon, and pancreatic cancers.

6. Plastic-

Colourful plastic utensils
plastic utensils

Since from our childhood, we have been advised not to use plastic utensils to eat on. In other products, plastics are merely avoided with woo and other metals. Why so? There must be some firm reason for it.The ingredient used to make plastics more pliable is diethylhexyl adipate (DEHA), which is also classified as a possible carcinogen. DEHA is in almost all plastic wraps and has properties similar to phthalates, like BPA. Unlike BPA, it has yet to be phased out of most products.

As far as possible, use copper vessel and wood products to stay healthy. Try to avoid plastic in any case.

So, in this way we saw how the things present around us can cause such a dreadful disease. Guys, nothing is better than what nature has provided us. Try to opt those things to stay well. Stay well and live healthy!

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