5 Health benefits of Cheese which should be known to all

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Everyone loves to eat cheese in different ways. But do you know it has many health benefits in it? Today we will be talking about the health benefits of eating cheese/paneer.

What is called Cheese?

Cheese” is a milk product that is a made from the cream coagulation of the milk. It is a yellowish white soft edible that is really yummy in taste and soft in texture. If we talk about vegetarian dishes, this edible holds the first position. It is a royal, tasty, healthful and a creamy dish item.


Uses of Cheese:

It is used in many cuisines like in making curry, soups, pizzas, hamburgers, as a stuffing in many veggies, desserts, ingredient in salads and in many snack items such as cheese sticks, cheesy bites and many more.

Nutrients found in Cheese:

cheese pizza
cheese pizza

Beside its lustrous texture and creamy taste, it is also rich in nutrients. This very edible is very good for our body. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, proteins, zinc, Vitamin A, D, B12, B6, B2 and many more.

You must have noticed when you taking a photo shoot you say; Smile please or Say cheese. Why so? Why you say this why not any other sweet or anything else! The reason is cheese is one of the healthiest foods and provides you with good health and makes you smiley forever.

Types of Cheese:

Cheese also called paneer are of many types such as cottage, farm cheese, full cream cheese, low-fat cheese and many more. Many varieties are also there like Monterey Jack, Cheddar, American and many others.

Now you must be thinking, which kind of cheese is good for you? But don’t worry; each and every kind of cheese is nutritious and good for you.

different types of cheese
different types of cheese

Let us talk about the benefits of Cheesy thing. You will be surprised when seeing this.

Benefits of Cheese:

  1. Good for your glowing skin:

    As we all know, cheese is derived from milk and milk provides moisture and glow to our skin. Cheese contains Vitamin B in it. Vitamin B is responsible for fair skin texture.

    So, add this yummy in your daily diet and you will notice the results yourself. Cheese makes your skin look healthy, glowing, plump and smooth.

  2. Strengthens your bones and reduce the risks of Osteoporosis-

    Rickets or Osteoporosis is a bone or joint disorder caused due to lack of Vitamin D in the body. In this, the calcium level gets low resulting in weak bones. Vitamin D and calcium is abundantly found in cheeses.

    Not only this white edible also contains zinc, protein, phosphorus and many other macros and micro nutrients that is very good for our bone health.

  3. Aids in digestion-

    Regular intake of such products increases the production of digestive enzymes in your body hence aids in digestion. Not only this, cheese is a simple and easily digestible kind of food.

    Various minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc etc repair the wear and tear of your body cell and make your digestive system strong.

  4. Good for arthritis-

    Those suffering from extreme joint pain or arthritis should consume cheesy products on a daily basis. The major reason for arthritis is lack of calcium in the body. Calcium, phosphorus etc are present in this and its regular intake cures and prevents the defect of arthritis in you.

  5. Enhance dental health-

    Dental problems such as cavities, gum bleeding, tooth decay all are the results of excessive intake of ‘Lactose’ in diet. Lactose is an element that is secreted from sweet food articles and causes decay in tooth.

    Paneer increase the amount of saliva in your mouth hence detoxifies the tooth and prevents it from acidic influence and oral disorder.

So guys in this way, cheese or paneer are very important and useful part of our diet. It is a whitish, soft and plump edible that is rich in taste and health benefits. Eat fresh, Live fresh.

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