7 Ways to use Tomato as a Natural Beauty cosmetic

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Every girl wishes for the bright complexion with spotless fairness! Now you can achieve this with a simple trick. Today we will be telling you how to use tomato for skin benefit.

Botanical classification of Tomato:

Tomatoes are the bright-red colored fruit cum veggie that is highly nutritious and beneficial for our wholesome body. Tomato belongs to kingdom plantae and ‘Solanaceae’ family. The binomial name for tomato is “Solanum lycopersicum”.

Health Benefits of Tomato:

tomato for beauty
tomato for beauty

Tomatoes are the rich source of carotene; lycopene that is one of the macro nutrient responsible to prevent cancers like prostate cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and so on.

Tomatoes are rich in phytonutrients, Vitamin A, B, B6, C, E, K, phosphorus, magnesium, and antioxidants. Tomatoes can be categorized as a super food because of its extreme benefits.

This red color edible is no more than a magic want for humans. Being good for your body, tomatoes are really nice for your skin too. This small fruit hides immense beauty benefits in it.

Now we will be talking about beauty benefits of tomato. It will give you 7 easy tricks through which you can use tomato as a natural beauty cosmetic.

How to use Tomato as a beauty cosmetic?

beauty with tomato
beauty with tomato
  1. Tomatoes are best known for its detoxification property. Chlorine and sulfur are abundantly found in it so helps in detoxifies your body and flushes out all the toxins. By this, tomato acts as a natural exfoliate too that improves your blood circulation and makes your skin glowing.
  2. The juice of tamatar juice is rich in antioxidants. It totally helps to lighten and brighten your skin texture. The juice extract from ripe one can be used as a cleansing liquid or can also be mixed with face pack.Actually, it removes harsh dirt from your skin making your natural beauty shine.
  3. Tomato is really good for those suffering from blemishes or acne. These are the dark patches that are very hard to cure. Using tomato pulp on the affected area can help you.You can also few drops of lemon juice in it and use as a face mask. It will take almost 15-30 days to be cured permanently.
  4. In a bowl, mix two teaspoon of tomato pulp with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this paste on your face and neck portion. You will get a magical radiance and suppleness on your skin.
  5. It is a true thing; “Internal treatment is better than external one.” Add tomatoes in your daily diet, preferably raw tomato. This will cleanse your skin from inside giving you natural blush and pink tint on your skin.
  6. Tomatoes are also very effective for sunburn and tanning. Apply a coat of tomato juice on affected area or you can also freeze the juice and rub on the tanned portion. It will be relieved in 3-4 days.
  7. Most of us use skin cosmetics, packs, masks etc for a beautiful skin; but the result is not good as expected. The scientific reason behind a beautiful skin is; our skin is soft and delicate, the pollution and external carelessness turns it fade and dull. A layer of dead cell gets deposited over it that hides natural glow.Weekly exfoliation is better than anything else and it will be best if natural things are used. In a bowl, take coarse wheat germ, a tablespoon of pulp and ½ teaspoon of sugar. Mix them well and use as a scrub. You will notice the results yourself.

So friends, these were the tactics for a beautiful skin from natural product. Everyone loves their facial radiance. Our face can be said as the mirror of our emotions.

It is not good at all to be beauty addictive. It can really take away your radiance. Take care of your skin in an ordered basis.

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