General Awareness

This category keeps people updated about general health awareness like kids care, common cold, flu, fever, immunity and healthy lifestyle etc.


What is Alcoholism and how to uproot this habit

Thousands of people die every year, just because of a simple habit of, drinking alcohol or alcoholism. This is a very simple habit, but the long-term intake gets very fatal, that can even lead...

Easy way to check Adulteration in Apple Fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; this is a very common and famous health proverb. But now, due to food adulteration it is somewhere getting false. Today we will be telling you...
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with Cancer like fatal ailment, they immediately go for some higher treatments or better cure. Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy are the two biggest treatments for malignant cancers. Do you know, that...
neck cracking

Cracking your neck can be bad for health, here’s the reason why!

Whole day sitting in front of computer and laptops, when we feel our neck fragile and stiffed, we crack it in left and right directions. It gives us instant relief and a feeling of...