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Strengthen your abdominal muscles with- Naukasana

A slim fit waist is liked by all. None of us wants it bulge and fatty. On this very eve of Yoga day, let us talk about an yogasana which will balance your body...
Stretch your body with Parighasana

Stretch your body with Yoga pose- Parighasana

Stretching is considered as the prime task and thing in all the exercises and yoga too. It massages your body parts and makes it fluent and well-maintained. Today, let's give our body a massage...
Kurmasana yoga pose

Yoga pose Kurmasana and its Health benefits

All the yoga poses and asanas are meant for thine own benefits. Yoga is the practice as well as a way to lead your life. Those who make Yoga as an important part of...

Yogasana for Diabetes cure- Mandukasana

Diabetes mellitus or Blood sugar is the disorder which is caused due to the insufficient production of insulin. This disease is a kind of thing which is considered as incurable. Talking about herbal cure...