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five yoga asanas to stay fit always

Five Yoga Asanas to stay fit and healthy always

Hello friends, today I am back with another section of Yoga. Last time, my yoga post was based on basics and explanations; now it is on the several types of yoga asanas. First of...

5 easy Yoga poses for little kids

Kids are regarded as the angels on earth. They are so innocent, cute and mesmerizing which even turns a sad face to the smiley one. The age between 2-10 regarded as the perfect age...

Yogasana for Diabetes cure- Mandukasana

Diabetes mellitus or Blood sugar is the disorder which is caused due to the insufficient production of insulin. This disease is a kind of thing which is considered as incurable. Talking about herbal cure...

Bhujangasana- Asana to cure Back problems

In this world, everyone is craving for peace and harmony. Everyone wants to live well and stay fit. From a general view, the person who is good-looking with a healthy body is said to...