Top 7 Effective Natural Treatments for Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease: OverviewAlzheimer disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease can be categorized under the umbrella term ‘Dementia’ — that is, a group of conditions which has a notable...
Top 10 fat burning foods to cure obesity

Top 10 Fat burning foods to cure Obesity

It is well said, "A sound mind is in sound body". When your body is healthy and fit, then only you can step towards success and happiness. Have you seen anyone...
Keti diet

To Stay Healthy And Wise – Rely on Keto Diet

People’s obsession with the idea of perfect looks makes them try everything to attain it. Some workout or fast while many start restricting their diet.

Tummy time for babies: When, How and its benefits

Hello readers, today our topic is on newborn exercise called ‘Tummy time’. It is something which is must for your baby and promotes their overall growth. Here we will be knowing what...