herbal bathing way

Say no to Soaps and use these 4 Natural Bathing techniques

Blue soap, pink soap, white soap etc, there are lots of bathing soaps available in market of different brands and names. They promises for a soft and glowing skin. But do they really! Hey...
baby oil homemade

Homemade Baby oil for fair skin complexion

There are lots and lots of baby oils available outside, which guarantees for fair complexion. But do they really? Hey, guys today we will be sharing a very easy and homemade recipe of baby...
dark lips remedies

How to get rid of dark lips naturally

Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin its color. A lighter skin tone is achieved by having less melanin, whereas a darker skin tone is achieved by having more melanin. the skin of...
Blemishes on chin

9 ways how to erase tough Blemishes from your Skin naturally

Everyone wants beautiful and spotless skin. Blemishes are one of those tough skin problems, which snatch the beauty of skin and makes it look shabby. Today we will be telling some of the natural...