Vacha – the sweet flag and an untold story 

vacha the sweet flag
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She was a hard nut to crack. Their second baby Lisa was two years old and as parents, Richard and Melinda could not do much to improve the speech quality of their daughter. The stammering and unclear speech was disturbing and made her more unreachable to her parents. They could never realize that earlier, as they were too busy with their job routine. A year later, they tried every available speech therapist in the city and were not at all feeling good about their only child. Whatever she spoke it was fragmented only. 

On a sunny day, they reached India for a year-end vacation. They got to hear a new system of treatment well known in India and that was Ayurveda. They have heard that Ayurveda helps to treat holistically every person. Ayurveda was the age-old herbal wisdom embodied for them. It was interesting indeed. They were eager to know more about the herbs in Ayurveda also. Not all were bitter, they also tasted some sweet jam-like Lehyas during their visit to one of the reputed Ayurvedic pharmacies nearby. 

Attention – the arrival of Vacha 

An aromatic herb called sweet flag came to their attention. This is Vacha, the Indian herb for improving speech quality and intelligence. Yes, Vacha is a medicinal herb meant to improve intelligence, digestion, sleep. 

vacha sweet flag
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More about Vacha – the Indian sweet flag

Vacha is a perennial herb which is also called Myrtle grass as its leaves are like grass with parallel venation. Vacha is used in Ayurvedic medicines like Brahmi Vati, Manasa Mitra vatakam, and various oils. It has raving rejuvenating Rasayana property too as per Ayurvedic classics. 

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Vacha is known locally as Vayamb in Kerala, which increases speech quality when administered with honey. It is also administered as Uramarunn, the medicine which is scratched on stone to get more potency. Vacha is also a part of the famous Swarnaprashana aiming to improve the intelligence and overall health of babies. 

How Ayurvedic medicine uses Vacha? 

  • Vacha is used as root powder and this is used for a variety of purposes like improving digestion, emesis medicine, cough, and cold remedy, and also to improve sound quality. 
  • Vacha is used in high doses to induce therapeutic emesis, the Vamana therapy among the Panchakarmas. 
  • Vacha and turmeric are good combinations to make a paste to reduce blemishes on your skin. Vacha improves voice and speech. 
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How to manage chronic cough and increase the intelligence of your child? 

  • You can add a little Vacha powder and turmeric powder to warm milk and administer it in the morning to your child. This will also reduce allergies in the long run. 
  • The dose of Vacha has to be ascertained on the basis of the advice of a registered Ayurvedic practitioner. Have a talk with your nearby doctor about making your child bestowed with Medha – supreme intelligence. 

The tranquilizer – Vacha 

You will not be surprised to know that Vacha is one of the costlier herbs globally present and has an aromatic oil in it which is exported worldwide. It also has a tranquilizing effect used in the treatment of anxiety. 

Take care (Precaution)

Vacha is not advisable in pregnant and lactating ladies as it increases uterine contractions. For them, other effective specific Ayurvedic medicines are available. 

Their story continues

All these details about this wonderful herb were magnificent for them. And they enrolled their sweet girl child for caring with Vacha – the sweet flag. Months of treatment created improvements in her condition. The couples had only one thing to say, thanks to Ayurveda – the ancient system of life. When they were ready to adopt what was beneficial for them in the long-term considering their daughter, they were able to solve their dilemmas. Mindfulness and awareness of our purpose give us the confidence and energy to move on in life and attract more positivity. 

Adopt Ayurveda, discover yourself 

Ayurveda also is the sastra of positivity full of advice helping you to discover your mind and body making you aware of your very existence and making you proactive in your approach towards your life. Be it regarding daily regimen Dinacharya or seasonal regimen Ritucharya, Ayurveda can help you. Ayurvedic principles are based on eternal truth and are so applicable in every aspect of life. 

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