Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies, Causes and Diet for Vaginal Whitish Discharge Treatment


Leucorrhea is a kind of thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge which is caused due to various reasons. It is generally known as the white discharge.  One of main reason is the estrogen imbalance. Though it not actually a disease but it can be taken as the symptom of other disease in any of the female sex organs like the vagina, cervix, uterus or oviducts. The discharge generally contains the mucous, pus or both.

The parasites that cause such discharge are:

1. Trichomonas vaginalis (an anaerobic, parasitic organism) – This results to a persistent form of leucorrhea. It usually involves the area around the cervix and the membrane lining the vagina. It causes chronic inflammation along with burning and itching.

2. Candida albicans (a diploid organism) – It causes intense itching in cervix and vagina. This kind of infection produces thick, white vaginal discharge.

Some of the other cause that can causes the vaginal discharge are lack of cleanliness or poor hygiene, any kind of sexually transmitted diseases, use of contraceptive that causes any kind of irritation, lacks of nutrition, use of any kind of lubricants or jellies.

Some of the reasons for why one have such discharge –

  • Chronic cervix infection in gonorrhea (a contagious inflammation of the genital mucous membrane), or in syphilis (a chronic, contagious infection usually contracted during sexual intercourse).
  • Insufficient or excess secretion of ovarian hormones.
  • Though a small amount of discharge should not be considered the serious but medical assistance should be duly  taken if one finds that one must know some things about this discharge are as follows:
  1. If the white vaginal discharge is sufficient to soil the underclothing.
  2. If one is facing discomfort while having sexual intercourse.
  3. If you experience any kind of itching around the anus during the vaginal discharge.
  4. You can also feel pain in the lower back  or headache.

Though women usually have any kind of supplement to prevent but one must try at the personal level to follow the natural remedies for leucorrhoea so as to prevent any kind of complications.

Recommended Natural Remedies –

  • Soak 3 teaspoons of coriander seeds in one cup of water and keep it overnight. Strain the mixture in morning empty stomach.
  • Use of lady finger and honey as a natural remedy. Cut lady finder along their length, boil them in water, strain and collect the lukewarm water, add honey to the water, mix well and drink 60 to 90 ml doses every day.
  • Take the cranberry juice, it is considered beneficial for treating leucorrhea.
  • Rice water with some added sugar is alsified butter along with the breakfast or the lunch.
  • o a beneficial treatment.
  • You can also have banana dipped in clar

Diet to follow –

  • A woman who is suffering from leucorrhea should have yogurt at least once in a day.
  • Green vegetables and fruits should always be the part of daily diet.
  • Your daily meal should be comprised of food that is rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrate and other essential nutrients.
  • Don’t have spicy or any kind of processed food.
  • Try to avoid excess tea and coffee while suffering from this ailment.
  • Some of the things that you should strictly avoid eating while going through leucorrhea are eggs, meat, mushrooms, and sweets. But before making any dietary charts get the approval of the doctors.

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